DO NOT build this gun
BUILD the SRv2... nah build the v3!

Step 1: Trigger Frame


Step 2: Body and Stock


Step 3: Barrel


Step 4: Carrying Handle W/ Sight


Step 5: Bi-pod


Step 6: Assembly

<p>Made this a while ago. It used up almost all of my yellow connectors! Unfortunately, I could hardly get it work. The SRv2 mechanism definitely works better than this one. Thanks for posting, Knex Lego Maniac! I will post some pictures soon.</p>
Sounds awesome ill
Omg. I came so far but i dont have yellow pieces! :(
Anyone have an approx. piece count of how many Half moons and green rods this uses &gt;??
About 450
i need to have more clariffication of the body. i need to know how many pieces and more pics <br>
you can almost kill sombuddy
awesame video <br>how much half-moons do you need?
About 300. And about 500 green rods.<br>The SR - V2 uses less pieces.
omg, how much will that be when I order it a knex.com?
I still love the video, and this gun.<br>need to buy a truckload more half-moons though :(<br>5*
lol thanks man make sure if you do build this gun to update it with the SRv2 firing mech i made along with a few structural changes
lol DO NOT BUILD THIS GUN BUILD THE SRV-2 then the srv-2 says to build this gun
can u always shorten the barrel <br>or not
i luv that bi-pod
how many half pieces do u think is on there
how long does this have to be?
long enough to be comfortable as a stock and help support the barrel its been awhile since ive worked on the SR series
Oh wow, in picture 2 I thought that the 2 pieces of paper you used to hold it up was connectors...<br />
how do you lock the bipod up with the gun?
i never posted instructions for that but i probably should have lol
what kind of rubber bands do you use?
i always use size 64 but with the SR series i use surgical tubing i bough online at scubareef or reefscuba.com something like that if u want to know the size and type just message me and ill get u all the info
Make an srv3. Seriously, we need something like that.
i hav built an SRv2 im sure uve seen it posted up somewhere.... i have had plans for a v3 but i never got around to making it : (
omg i just finshed building so awsome
im happy you like it! take a pic id love to see it<br>i hope you used my SRv2 mods
um i didnt
if its alright with u i used this bi pod for one of my guns <br>
could i use cat grey peces insted of the balljoint conecturs?<br>
i am making war mods to the sipriani rifle (i will post)<br>and i need to use the bipod here. it is an awesome bipod.
thanks man... i haven't worked on it in awhile but its probly a good start... good luck!
Yep. I have attached the bipod to the sipriani.<br>I need a way to attach the other side to the bottom of the gun when not<br>In use.<br><br><br>
where are the SRv2 mods at? unless i am just as blind as a bat... ha
look up SRv2 im sure ull find some instructions up i never actually posted instructions i got lazy lol
oh that would make sense lol i shall do that then
Are micro K'NEX necessary?
nope i just added them on for fun but be sure to use my SRv2 upgrades and mech... it works a million times better than this model
I will eventually upgrade to the SRv2 but at the moment I'm not in need of a K'NEX gun that can go 500 feet.
&nbsp;OMG im 10 and this is one of the hardest things ive ever built
same but this isnt hard
&nbsp;he said straight up do not build this gun . omg read the first 3 freaking words of this ible
He posted that a month before you posted this. It may not have been there then.<br />
its actually very simple. great gun tho
Hey im just curious do you happen to be 10 years old?
what you did dint you?
yes you did

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