SR-v3 Mechanism+bullets for It.


Introduction: SR-v3 Mechanism+bullets for It.

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This is an instructable for how to make the mechanism of the SR-v3.
In this is instructable you can see how to make the bullets too.
I think I will post the whole gun too, but I am not for 100% sure.
Hope you are gonna have much fun with it.=]
(Do not shoot at people...)

Step 1: The Mechanism.

This is a step for how to make the mechanism for the SR-v3.

Step 2: The Bullet.

In this step where is shown how to make the bullet.
The fins are really needed.
They add way more range and add like 10000000% accuracy.



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    This is like a precision launcher based on projectile appearance.

    Hmmmm.... I like the look of it. Post the whole gun but change up the stock a bit. Btw how far does it shoot?

    8 replies

    Little bit late, but it shot around 300 to 350 meters.
    It can go farther, but then you will need to angle the gun.

    so it shooots 900 ft cause 300 meters is 900ft

    holy cow thats as far as a gunshot from a colt revolver good work how many rubberbands are used on it

    i could only get that much range when i strengthened the barrel and used 6 rubberbands, fully stretched.
    It is also really hard to reload, getting a rubberband as far back as it can, 6 times. Takes about a minute reload time. :P

    Really? A little bit? You sure?

    I don't think I'm going to post it. I'm too lazy and I dont have much time because of the last weeks of school. I'll see if I post it in summer holidays.

    Lol yes it is, you should really make it! Believe me, one you made it you never want to break it!

    instructions for the whole gun? pics?

    Well, the whole gun ain't easy to post... I can't get my phone connected to my PC, so I cant upload pictures...

    I don't see how this is any better. It's worse if you ask me.

    4 replies

    ...That's it? Ok....

    Well... Ok. I was expecting to get chewed out. =P

    Thanks for not.