SR70A1 Precision Sniper Rifle System. Great range, accurate, powerful, versatile, you name it.
It is a ramrod rifle. It uses #64 rubber bands, and looks great.

Also, I have now made a folding bipod for this gun. Now all I need is a hammer/firing pin guide because at 5+ bands, the black rod begins to bend and break. In other words, I need something like the Z35's guide.

Ramrod rifle
No jams if made correctly
Easy-detach scope and barrels
Smooth True Trigger
Fires any rod
No mags
Any accessory can be attached
Lefty support
Scope with dot sight; accurate.

May be too small for some people
No mags
Grip may be uncomfortable for big hands
Barrel can droop, but fixed by a rubber band.
Well...that's all I can think of.

-------------------------------------------Notes from the Author--------------------------------------------
Sorry folks, I'm afraid this will be my last work uploaded. This gun, along with the ible, will be an open source for inspiration, upgrades, and new models for the K'nex builders that will follow.

I, Prodo123, hereby grant the right of usage of this Instructable to every individual. I also grant the right to use the name "SR70", "SR70A1", "SR70A1 PSRS", "SR70A2", and "SR70A2 PSRS" to every individual whom has upgraded and/or modified this gun. I hereby grant the permission of modification, reproduction, reconstruction, and deviation of this gun, Instructable, name, and video to every individual who does so, for as long as they give credit to the source. I hereby permit the use of this Instructable as inspiration and without credit to every persons interested. Those who do not comply with this permission grant will be reported and/or dishonored, and is not limited to a ban, a suspension, and/or the deletion of the Instructable. I, Prodo123, grant all of these rights, and the consequences that follow, to all individuals.

Long story short, you may use this Instructable to modify your SR70A1 PSRS, SR70, or create a new model/variation of the gun, for as long as you give me, Prodo123, credit.

Also, you may use this Instructable as inspiration, and you may do so without giving me credit (If you do give me credit, I give you a cookie :3)

It's been a good time here at Instructables.com. I'll hang around, but sorry, no more K'nex for me.

Step 1: Butt, Grip, Trigger, and Faceguard.

Tailored for me. Might not fit you, but I would assume it would. It's really comfortable. I would guess that people would ask why is the butt empty? There used to be a monopod there, but it was useless and I got rid of it.
https://www.instructables.com/id/Knex-Sniper-Rifle-SR-70-Instructions/step2/The-Barrel-Part-2/ if you are having trouble use the old one it exactly the same :)
Also, they're not the same. They're radically different.<br>If you ignore my comments, then I promise you your gun will be raining w/ broken pieces.
My pieces are too tight so i just used mini knex rods as ammo. Now the rang is so:
huh i don't get it can someone help me :c ?
This is a GREAT gun but could you make a video on how to make it the pictures are just not enough.
I built this a month ago. But the barrel is too high friction. My bullets wont even come out of the barrel. I figured out a way to reduce the friction in a barrel. First, take a drill and one your pieces. Then run the bit around the hole of the piece to make the hole slightly bigger. Ta-da!
yeah mate i did the same, you have to loosen or stretch out the grey connector so its looser if you have a newer knex set thats probably why
what the heck??? you built it wrong. my barrel's so low friction, bullets fall out if you tip it down.
Sorry, my pieces' holes must be smaller. I haven't built a gun that works before that has that kind of barrel. A few days ago I built a gun with a zero friction barrel with the Z35 rear barrel, mag,and the SR70A1 PSRS trigger and scope. It shot about 10 ft : (
yep, looks like either you used micro k'nex or you built it wrong
I don't use damn &quot;micro k'nex&quot;, i dont know what the hell is wrong with me and my pieces!!! !
Probably metric problems, then. I needed a 3.5mm plug for my headphones, bought an 1/8&quot; plug, and it ended up not fitting.
Dude guess what? I built this again and it WORKS! But the only problem is, I think I dry fired it, I had a second transfer rod behind the original ( red rod ), the grey one shot through the gray clip, then the red rod went into the gray clip!!! Any way to fix it?!
Take off the rubber bands, hammer, and the scope. Undo the barrel support that's directly below the hammer. Then, pull the entire barrel off the stock. Disassemble the barrel from the muzzl (This might take a lot of effort) and replace the broken pieces. Reassemble the barrel, and follow the instructables on how to reassemble.<br><br>Please, try not to dry fire. It's really bad for any projectile weapons, including firearm, bows, slingshots, etc.
The piece actually not broken, but I fixed it an easier way. I just took off a blue that held the grey clip that holds the transfer rod. And also, I kind of screwed it up by building it wrong so I had to add a red rod and a yellow rod.
I use the old pieces, but still they should be made correctly.
lol i built it and shot it then reloded the it snaped it slef into 3 pices plzz explanin cba rebuilding but still would like to know y it did that
great gun but i cant work out how to attach the part with the grey rod down the middle to the rest of it. 5/5 so far btw
don't worry- fixed it + finished it
he nice gun <br>but how many white or black connectors do you REALLY need (that you cant replace for a blue connector) <br> <br>
I haven't counted, because I modified the gun to be so rock solid that I can't take it apart...<br><br>But the point is, the gun depends on the hole in the middle of the white connectors to function. That's what makes up the barrel of the gun. If you replace them with blue connectors, you'll be blocking the barrel.<br>So, you really shouldn't replace ANY of the white connectors with blue connectors. The only white connector I see that can be replaced without compromising safety and performance would be the ones on the faceguard/stock.
on the eleventh pic starting from the right, whats that black thing
i think it is half a ball joint but i cant see it very clear <br>
NO. No ball joints in the barrel, EVER. This will break it, no exceptions.<br><br>Sorry, Firefox, Chrome and IE9 are all malfunctioning at once. Can't add notes.<br><br>That would be a gray connector. DO NOT USE THE OLD ONE FOR ANY REASONS. IT WILL SHATTER THIS CONNECTOR. This gray connector has been covered with electrical tape on the SIDES (not the faces, where there's holes and make the connector thicker). The tape should be applied after the gray rod has been clipped onto it, and it should reach around the clip.
can anyone who has built this please help me out and post another pic on part 3 pic 11 because it so blury i cant see
even though you guit knex awhile ago how you did it is stupid. you make it seem like its sooo dramatic but really no offense, you never made anything too good. sorry, later.
does any one have a peice count (i wish every gun had one)
If you need a piece count, you shouldn't build k'nex at all. Most ibles for K'nex do not have a piece count, and those who do require ridiculous amounts of pieces (e.g. Z35's yellow connector count is 220+)... Also, I am not wasting my time taking my master gun apart and counting how many pieces there are. Sorry, but build at your own risk.
i didnt mean you i meant anyone :-P
yeah, no one's gonna post a piece count. They have lives to live.
so i dont care they WILL :-P
wow...just build the damn thing if you wanna. I'm sure you'll have enough pieces.
well your a bunny (\_/) (o.o) (&gt; &lt;)
fail bunny
no u (&gt;o.o)&gt;# and here is a waffle
i know (\_/) (o.o) (&gt; &lt;) :-P
i make parts list some times to see if i have enough or if my knex is somewhere else i make a parts list gather parts where my knex is and bring it to a computer
NOOOOOOOOO!!! Prodo123 is leaving?!?!?!
(\_/) (o.o) (&gt; &lt;)
its very scifi looking, but its pretty cool.... the barrel kind of reminds of an intervention, with the exception of it not being very smooth lol, nice job though!
Thanks! I built this gun looking at M24, TRG-21, L96A1, Galil Sniper, and a lot more real snipers. It is no model, it's an original gun, even the name was unused. As for the barrel, I'm a guy who would prefer a circular, rough barrel over a smooth, blocky barrel. Plus, this barrel looks a lot more real. Thanks for taking a look!
which is better the sr70 or this one
SR70 is the piece of crud that this gun started out as. This is the development of that gun, so the SR70A1 PSRS is the best of the series, for now. Do not build the SR70, it breaks a lot. This gun never breaks, shoots farther, and is more powerful. I just have the SR70 instructable still online for the sake of keeping track of development. In other words, this is better and build this
no comprehende<br />
what don't you understand?<br /> yo hablo espanol. no mucho. lol way to go public education :P<br />

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