Introduction: SRSS-501v2

This is the SRSS-501v2. I updated it from v1 by completely re-designing the barrel, making the top open so it's easy to load, and I've made the bi-pod sturdier.

Here's a video of it:

UPDATE: I modified it to look and function barrel. Here's a link-



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    then why not? post. its better than some other guns that get posted. btw, with how many rubberbands did those numbers come from?

    Just one, but it's pretty thick though. You can see it near the front of the barrel in the first picture. I'll post instructions when knexinnovation is back up that way I can post them on both sites.

    Alright. I'm modding it today so the version I post will look different. I'll have it up in the next couple of weeks.

    Instead of having the different parts and getting them connected, have them all be on big part, that way it looks more realistic. Also try the method that is in Mepain's instructable. That is what I use. And also try to fill in all the empty space so you can barely see through the gun, that will make it look better and it will strengthen it.

    The newest version is up, go check it out. I think I made a BIG improvement with this gun from v2 to v3. It seems to flow together a lot better.