My christmas gift to you all :) 
Alright, this is my new compact bullpup. This one is called the "Seleziona's Slingshot Compact Bullpup 2011". So yeah this is a slingshot. So do you want to know why i made such a different gun? I did this because so many people are saying stuff about how we don't have anything really innovative any more. So I made a bullpup slingshot! With a magazine!! So yeah, this isn't your average slingshot, it does have a ratchet, but way behind the handle. And it has a grey connector magazine! The only thing I couldn't incorporate was a removable magazine, i couldn't because (if you make the gun you'll see) the trigger takes up a lot of the inside of the gun. If i wanted to make good removable mags, I would have to make an ugly 7 layer gun. This gun also uses almost the entire stock for the shooting area or whatever, so that makes it compact. So yeah, here's something new :) Oh, it shoots grey connectors.

looks good....?
good range (expected from a slingshot)
cool sights
cool overall :)

loading the gun takes a little bit to master, and do quickly
you have to do a few things inverted on the instructable if you're right handed :(

That's it! I hope that wrapped it all up, and I hope you build!
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Step 1: Top Rail

This is the top rail. it keeps the bullets from flying out of the magazine, and keeps the bullet down a stable path.
how did you manage pulling back the "drawstring" without screwing up the loaded ammo and pushing it backwards?
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wow, this is the first slingshot that i don't hate. i hate the fugly bullets that normal slingshots use, and i hate the inaccuracy. this gun pretty much fixes both. just one question: do the rubberbands fly off the gun, or do they stay somewhere after being fired, ready to be pulled again?
<strong>Thanks!</strong> I don't like the bullets other slingshots use either. You could probably make something that keeps the rubber band on if you are having problems like that. They should stay where they are after being shot.
I tried to make somehing like that once and the result was that he rnberbands that had alrady been fired would stay on the gun blocking the path for the next bullets and so i took it down. Anyway, keep it up !
Any broken parts required?
OVER 9000
i want to build this but i don't want to get halfway and run out of parts so can some one give me a part list
Just built this thing. You need a pretty strong band on the trigger, or some form of lubricant, or it won't move back into place on its own.
Whaaat? I never even heard of a problem like that :/
Well, I have some pretty beat up pieces... It also refuses to work properly with more than four shots loaded :(
That might be the problem.. Mine always worked perfectly..
Other than that, though, it's GREAT. Makes a really nice whistling sound when I fire it.
cool gun!
can someone give me a part list
Does this use as many parts as the Ghost 3.0? I mean in terms of green pegs.
It may use more.
Awesome gun!!
Thank you!
I used up more or less all of the yellow connectors on my TR18, would I be able to build this with all of those? I haven't touched my K'nex in a while since the TR18 got boring after a while, and I love slingshots so much more.
haha, yeah.
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