Introduction: SSMKS

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My new gun here is a single shot. It uses the tr barrel idea so it has a very long range. The ram doesn't get inside the front area, so it doesn't lose it's power. It shoots very far. Shoots rods and oodammo.



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    the stalk looks sort of like the nerf recon ... sort of

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    I see what you mean. Also, its spelled stock in this case(for future reference).

    Medium size. I have a few things to change right now.

    Thanks! I'm working on a crossbow right now.

    Old, but it was good. I bet it could be made better.

    thanks, hey can u post a pic of the ram please?

    It's a black rod, with two dark gray connectors facing the opposite direction. In front of those is a dark gray with a y connector taped to it. On the end of the black rod is a ball socket for the RB's.

    cool The pics that are here is it sorry.

    it totally pwns dude i made it last night and its crazy auome!!! totaly worth makeing it

    Can you from just these two? I'm gonna add more later.

    Sure I'll try :) I can give you pics when It's done.