My new gun here is a single shot. It uses the tr barrel idea so it has a very long range. The ram doesn't get inside the front area, so it doesn't lose it's power. It shoots very far. Shoots rods and oodammo.
the stalk looks sort of like the nerf recon ... sort of
I see what you mean. Also, its spelled stock in this case(for future reference).
Medium size. I have a few things to change right now.
Thanks! I'm working on a crossbow right now.
Old, but it was good. I bet it could be made better.
great gun simple yet powerful, overall awesomeness, 5*
thanks, hey can u post a pic of the ram please?
It's a black rod, with two dark gray connectors facing the opposite direction. In front of those is a dark gray with a y connector taped to it. On the end of the black rod is a ball socket for the RB's.
cool, thanks!
cool The pics that are here is it sorry.
nice! i want it posted or more pics plz
I'll try to get more.
it totally pwns dude i made it last night and its crazy auome!!! totaly worth makeing it
Sweet! Please rate!
Actually I'll just make it from pics :P
Can you from just these two? I'm gonna add more later.
Sure I'll try :) I can give you pics when It's done.
I'm not sure.... but okay.
im starting now
NEVER MIND!! I finished it, this thing PWNS!!!
Sweet! I'm glad you like it! Rate!
I have the gun half finished, but I'm going camping until Sunday or Monday so I'll finish when I get back.
Yes. I like this. How far does the trigger block back?
I added an image note.
i likey! 5*
no problem!
Hey guys! If you click on the first picture and view the full size, you can see the internals and everything quite clearly!
AWESOME! I want to see this posted!
I probably will.
Oh yeah, I want more pics.
Okay. I might make an ible, although I'll probably just make a super detailed slideshow.
Looks compact and great! I'd build it! But, how far does it shoot? 5*
As far as a TR
Does it shoot as far as the NAR?
I haven't tested the difference, although it shoots as far as my TR did. (which is far)

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