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Introduction: SSR V2.1

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Hi! As you all know, I made a sniper and called it the SSR V1.1. This is V2.
Weight: 15-20 LBS
Length: 6FT
Width: 6IN
Range: 400FT
Now pro's and con's.
Look's sick!
HUGE power.
Strong as heck!

Hard to use

Who ever needs it.

I WILL NOT post!
This gun is made to be huge and scary, not innovative.



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    Yep. LOL.

    knex under lego category?????seriously???

    How is being heavy and huge a con? >=D

    Hi guys!
    I'm making a new gun based off of this one.
    I won't tell you what it is but I'll just say this: It can do as much damage to a target as a Heavy Cannon. And it can shoot almost as far as a SR-v2.


    I have to say it looks a lot like the FX9 sniper rifle. Just a lot longer. I know its not 15 pounds. The FX9 was 5 and it had a solid stock. this a regular firing pin gun? If so is there any evidence of its insane range?

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    No It's sling-shot.
    No, No evidence.
    I was going to make a video but I didn't have a memory card for my camera.

    I see, well it's not so far-fetched now I know it's a sling shot lol

    Three hours or so.


    also, in the description, none of the apostraphes are needed, please change it, it just really annoys me because adding the apostraphe kinda changes the meaning.

    It take me that long just to build 1 normal sized knex rifle

    what is the sercret thing you said. a ball machine????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????


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    It's a chair that can hold the weight of a grown man.
    I'll post it soon if you like.


    Your my 1000th commenter!

    ya i guess it cool.yayayayayayayayayayayayayayayayayayayayayayayayayayayayayayayayayayayayayayayayayayayayayay

    FALSE information. First of all, the gun is about 3.5 - 7.5 pounds. 15 pounds is more that the weight of a REAL assault rifle. Second of all, I seriously doubt the 400 foot range. If you would like to prove me wrong, show some proof (put it on a scale/shoot and show range). Not to be mean, I'd just like proof, sorry if I sound harsh.

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    Sorry no proof i took It apart.
    But It was 7 ft long and 7-8in wide.
    It doesn't seem to off to me.


    please pleeeeeeeeease post it it is the only thing i want to build

    Wow that's way too big.