Have a lot a clothes and not enough space? Well try folding your shirt military style to accommodate room for more shirts. This method of folding your shirt is also called the Ranger roll. Following these steps will allow you to conserve space whether you store your shirts in the closet, drawer or even packing for vacations! What’s better than saving space to make room for more?

Step 1: STEP 1:

First lay your shirt on a flat surface facing down.
<p>Thanks for this. I've folded &amp; rolled when going on holidays but I was missing the step of folding under 6&quot; ... That's what I like now ... a nice meat bundle that won't leave creases either ... Thanks very much for the tip. :)</p>
Ranger Roll, they teach everyone in boot camp
I'm using this the next time I have to take a trip! TY!

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