SSV F2000





Introduction: SSV F2000

(Seleziona's Slingshot Version F2000)

Here is my newest gun, the SSV F2000. Basically, what it is a slingshot gun with a bullpup design and a removable magazine. It shoots grey connectors about 50 feet.

For the people who have been following me for a long time, you would know that I made an F2000 before, with a firing pin. It was really not well received because, well, it didn't really look like the real thing at all. But this time I tried a lot harder and the end result was much better than before. This gun shoots a lot farther than the previous too, as this is a slingshot, not a pin powered gun. 

So this is your pretty much your basic slingshot bullpup gun but this one is a step ahead because of it's looks and removable magazine capability for easier loading.

It also has a removable scope on top.

If you guys would like me to post an instructable, please tell me. But please be warned that it uses 6 hinges.

Thank you!



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Well, Nice job! I was working on a f2000 but now that I have seen yours and seen that you have told some people that this was kind of a fail then I am thinking of scratching mine. Oh well. It was frustrating anyway. You probably saved me alot of time anyway. Again, Nice work!

Did you post instructions??

sorry forgot this, how much snowflakes (and blue 3d's) are used?

I have no idea. If i had to guess how many white connectors I'd say twenty. Blue 3d's, id say ten

That's just about enhough (blue and white conns are my curse.)
5* and faved