I made this stamp roller with the hairs roller tape.
with it I made this bag. I used acrylic paint cause is cheap and I weren't shure of the results, but if you like it you can use fabric paint.


-roller tape;
-sponge or rubber to make the stamps (mine is not really the better one but is what I found,is a kind of foam that don't absorb, I don't know the name; you can purchase some better kind);
-flat surface for pour paint;
-acrylic/fabric paint.


Thank you!
Very clever! <br> <br>Likewise by adding a dab of brown/orange to the stamped media, it would look very similar to your fabric in step 2. <br> <br>I'll give it a try ;-)
yes that's a good idea! post a picture if you do! <br>I want to try that too
what a great idea!! i do mixed media art and i'm always looking for new ways to stamp things. anything could be added to this...kids foam stickers, bubble wrap, etc. you can get these at the dollar store and probably could reuse the sheets again by sticking them back on the roller. i'd like to pin this if that's ok. thanks gain!
thanks! and yes pin it! <br>
What a neat idea!!
This is great!
Clever idea!
That's great! I never know what to do with those things when they are empty and a roller stamp is awesome to have, especially for big projects!
Very neat idea!
Thanks a lot! At first I werent shure if it was going to work...but after it come out nice

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