I know it's nothing new but I wanted to share my phaser mod with you guys.....
I bought the phaser on ebay for 10.00 U.S. dollars. Then I bought a high mw green laser and placed it in the prop. Now it pops balloons.

Step 1: The Laser

Picture of The Laser

About the laser:

It is commonly known as the New Wish laser from Deal Extreme. A similar laser can be found at Radio Shack.
Mine was niether of the two brands because I bought it in Asia but usually they just rebrand the same lasers that come from china.
-Well thats what most people say:)

Step 2: Removing the Laser From the Pen Type Housing

Picture of Removing the Laser From the Pen Type Housing

I used a dremel with a cutting wheel to separate the laser from the housing. Be careful not to cut the housing too deep or you will cut the laser itself. Try not to keep cutting the housing for long periods of time because it tends to get really hot so take your time and let it cool down.

Step 3: First Cuts

Picture of First Cuts

First take apart the toy with a screw driver and remove every single piece. It might help to take a picture so you can remember how it goes back together when your done placing the laser.

Your going to need to dremel the bottom half of the body in the middle where the speaker rests. You don't have to use the round sanding tool but I found that it's easier to cut the small space than using a cutting wheel. The cut just has to be large enough to fit the laser electronics.

Step 4: Light Bulb Holder

Picture of Light Bulb Holder

The laser is going to replace the light bulb so your going to need to remove the tabs. 

Step 5: How the Laser Attaches to the Bulb Holder

Picture of How the Laser Attaches to the Bulb Holder

Your going to have to enlarge the hole where the bulb used to pass through slightly. Only the back end of the laser will pass through the hole. Also remember to cut the spring as close as possible to the board because it will get in the way of the phasers 2 sound selector buttons.

Step 6: Cutting the Rest of the Parts

Picture of Cutting the Rest of the Parts

It's pretty simple.....

Step 7: Finishing Touches

Picture of Finishing Touches

When soldering the positive wire to the body of the laser it will get very HOT!!  -So make sure you do it quickly.

Step 8: Wiring Diagram

Picture of Wiring Diagram

Hope this helps.....

Step 9: Test Fire

Picture of Test Fire


Step 10: Painted

Picture of Painted

Not finished with the re-paint but it looks good enough for now....I know that it dosen't match the episode exactly but I like my weapons silver aluminum:)


TheRealRocketBurns (author)2013-07-16

I am waiting for a delivery of my TOS phaser pistol with a detachable handheld phaser. I might be doing modifications like this. Take a look here:

it I pretty cool. definitely worth checking out

richpit (author)2012-02-19

Cool. Thanks! Now I need to score one of those old Playmates TNG cricket phasers. I used to have one lying around, but I don't know where it is right now.

propfreaks (author)2012-02-14

Hey, Great DIY and Tutorial! I wanted to let you know that I posted to this article on my website, and my facebook page,

Great work and thanks.

- @propfreaks

randyfivesix (author)propfreaks2012-02-14

WOW!!! -Thank You so Much.....

I'm almost done with my TNG phaser 2 MOD:)
--I'm sure you will like that as well.

richpit (author)2012-02-12

2 questions:

1. What power green laser do you need to pop balloons?

2. Which TNG cricket phaser toy is that? The Playmates or Galoob? It looks like the Playmates, but I wanted to make sure. Thanks.

It looks awesome and I really want to do it.

randyfivesix (author)richpit2012-02-12

Ahhh good question!

First of all I purchased the laser while I was in asia so the label was fake!
It claimed to be 200mw but it can't light matches so my best guess would be around 15-20mw if anything. Popping ballons needs to be dark colored of course and depending on the weather and how close you are will affect popping time.

I'm using a Playmates verion type 1 phaser.
Please take your time with all your cuts because I don't want you to ruin your green beam:) ----let it cool down when the cuts get HOT!!! and take your time.

drknotter (author)2012-02-05

I've wanted to do this for the longest time with the boomerang type phaser. I think this would help me get started. Thanks!

randyfivesix (author)drknotter2012-02-06

ohhh cool I'm gonna make one for the type two phaser (TNG) soon. I just won it on ebay the day before yesterday!!!! -Can't wait to start the project. I still need to get another high mw laser so it might be a month till I post the instructable....till then...

SenKat (author)randyfivesix2012-02-09

Randy ! Nice work, man :) Glad to see you still love the lasers :P Drop me an email sometime, I might have some parts for you for decent price !

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