I know it's nothing new but I wanted to share my phaser mod with you guys.....
I bought the phaser on ebay for 10.00 U.S. dollars. Then I bought a high mw green laser and placed it in the prop. Now it pops balloons.

Step 1: The Laser

Picture of The Laser
About the laser:

It is commonly known as the New Wish laser from Deal Extreme. A similar laser can be found at Radio Shack.
Mine was niether of the two brands because I bought it in Asia but usually they just rebrand the same lasers that come from china.
-Well thats what most people say:)
I am waiting for a delivery of my TOS phaser pistol with a detachable handheld phaser. I might be doing modifications like this. Take a look here:

it I pretty cool. definitely worth checking out
richpit3 years ago
Cool. Thanks! Now I need to score one of those old Playmates TNG cricket phasers. I used to have one lying around, but I don't know where it is right now.

propfreaks3 years ago
Hey, Great DIY and Tutorial! I wanted to let you know that I posted to this article on my website, www.propfreaks.com and my facebook page, www.propfreaks.com/facebook.

Great work and thanks.

- @propfreaks
randyfivesix (author)  propfreaks3 years ago
WOW!!! -Thank You so Much.....

I'm almost done with my TNG phaser 2 MOD:)
--I'm sure you will like that as well.
richpit3 years ago
2 questions:

1. What power green laser do you need to pop balloons?

2. Which TNG cricket phaser toy is that? The Playmates or Galoob? It looks like the Playmates, but I wanted to make sure. Thanks.

It looks awesome and I really want to do it.
randyfivesix (author)  richpit3 years ago
Ahhh good question!

First of all I purchased the laser while I was in asia so the label was fake!
It claimed to be 200mw but it can't light matches so my best guess would be around 15-20mw if anything. Popping ballons needs to be dark colored of course and depending on the weather and how close you are will affect popping time.

I'm using a Playmates verion type 1 phaser.
Please take your time with all your cuts because I don't want you to ruin your green beam:) ----let it cool down when the cuts get HOT!!! and take your time.
drknotter3 years ago
I've wanted to do this for the longest time with the boomerang type phaser. I think this would help me get started. Thanks!
randyfivesix (author)  drknotter3 years ago
ohhh cool I'm gonna make one for the type two phaser (TNG) soon. I just won it on ebay the day before yesterday!!!! -Can't wait to start the project. I still need to get another high mw laser so it might be a month till I post the instructable....till then...
Randy ! Nice work, man :) Glad to see you still love the lasers :P Drop me an email sometime, I might have some parts for you for decent price !