Introduction: STAR WARS Lightsaber Lamp

Simple 8-Step project. Here’s how......

Step 1: Toy Lightsaber

This is the extendable, non-electronic, non-battery required model (the others may work, but they aren’t what I used). These come in different styles – Darth Vader, Anakin, and Obi-Wan.

Step 2: (Ikea Hemma) Lamp

Ikea has a few different sizes of this lamp. I used the 14″ size but you could use the longer ones if you wanted to (but I don’t think it would look as good). If you don’t have an Ikea around you, you should be able to find one that will work. You just need one that is thin enough to be housed inside the light saber.

Step 3: Washer

You’ll need a washer to fit on top/over the saber(See the picture for measurements).


Wire cutters – you’re going to have to cut the lamp’s cord

Wire strippers – you’ll need to strip the cord to put it back together

Soldering iron/solder – to solder the wire back together

Heat shrink tubing – to mend protect your patch in the cord

ELECTRICAL Tape – to mend protect your patch in the cord

Drill and 3/8 drill bit – to put a hole in the bottom of the saber

Hack saw – to cut the tip off the saber(You could really use anything that will cut thin plastic)

Goggles – for safety!

I did this over the course of a week or two as I figured out what I needed and where to get everything. If you round up everything ahead of time, this should be doable in about 2 hours or so.

Step 5: Cut the Tip Off of the Light Saber.

This could actually be done a few ways but I’ll tell you how I did it. You could actually remove the entire extendable saber if you wanted to. I didn’t, thinking it would help support the lamp shaft better (and it does). Extend the saber fully and hold it up to a light to see where the very farthest piece extends into the saber. Then cut it so that that entire top piece is gone. You’ll have to cut about halfway into the second joint. The reason you’re doing this is so that the lamp will have a hole in the saber to pass through. If you only cut an inch off the tip, you can look into it and see that there is no pass through hole.

Step 6: Drill a Hole in the Bottom of the Saber.

This was the one I was most nervous about – not knowing if this would work, or if it was hollow or what. I did this with 4 successive drill bits. I started small and worked my way up to the 3/8, each time, widening the hole with aLARGERbit. The 3/8 drill bit is the perfect size.

Step 7: ​Dismantle the Lamp.

Basically, You have to take it APART so that you can thread it through the saber. How to dismantle an Ikea Hemma lamp: First, take the warning sticker off where the bulb goes – you need to get under there. Unscrew the small piece that goes over the threads. Look on each side of the bulb socket and you’ll see a tab – stick a small screwdriver in there and bend it outward. Now do that on the other side too. Do it a few times and pull up on the socket and eventually it will come apart.

Now ideally, you could remove the wires from the socket, thread it through the saber, and then put it back together but I could NOT figure out how to dismantle it further. So, I cut the wires. I cut them below the socket, far enough down that I had enough wire to strip it and put it back together.

Step 8: Put the Lamp in the Saber.

Put the washer on top first and make sure you put the lamp shaft through it. I did it the first time with no wires, just to see if it worked. Once you get it through, thread the wires back up it (from the bottom).

Step 9: Wire It Back Together.

If you figured out how to get the wires off without cutting them, then just put it back together. If not, (like me) you need to re-attach the wires. I soldered them back together and then put ELECTRICAL tape and heat-shrink on it. Make sure you keep the wires narrow – there isn’t a lot of room in the lamp shaft for a bulky wire.

Put bulb in and shade on.


So, for about $20 and a couple hours work, I now have a cool D.I.Y. Star Wars lightsaber lamp for my office.

BTW – if you’re thinking – “Wait – what about the cool logo in the lamp shade?” I haven’t done that – yet.


EmilyM128 (author)2016-12-20

On the bottom of some lamps theres a piece of fabric, and if you take that off you can unscrew the pole of the lamp. Then unscrew the wire from the part where the bulb screws in, and you don't have to cut the wire that way(: (I got my lamp from Walmart for like $10)

Layayena made it! (author)2016-10-11

My boyfriend liked his x-mas present a lot, thx for this cool idea!

tomatoskins (author)2015-07-09

Really cool lamp! Thanks for sharing!

cjdrizzy412 (author)tomatoskins2015-07-09

You bet!!