Step 2: The Logo

Picture of The Logo
This was actually very simple, first print out two of the logo's on the sticker paper in the size you want. Second cut one out around the border and place it on the Plexiglass. Then cut that out and remove the sticker. Next cut out the letters and put them on the brass sheet, the brass was so thin that I was able to cut it with scissors. The holes in the A's and the R's were done with a utility knife.
Print a third logo on regular paper. Now with all the pieces, place the Plexiglass on top of the 3rd logo and epoxy the letters in the correct place. When dried, drill holes from the back side for the three L.E.D.s and for three mounting hangers; the hangers were made out of paper clips. Drill holes in the case in the same spots and then bend the hangers over to hold the logo in place. I then connected the L.E.D.s in parallel with wires leaving extra for hook up.