Step 3: Stars!! for Star Wars

Picture of Stars!! for Star Wars
So now you've got the logo done, its time for the stars! The thin fiber optics were about the same dia. as a sewing needle I had, so I just heated it up with a small candle and pushed it through the case form the inside out. The bigger holes were done with a paper clip in the same manner. I then looked at the case against a light as to see the effect. Once satisfied I counted the holes and planed to make some stars fade in and out , figuring out how many were to stay on and how many to fade (on each side). This is why I have four l.e.d's powering the stars.
After finding out the numbers, I cut the fibers longer then I needed so I could glue, then trim later. Next I bunched them together with thread and epoxied them, gluing the l.e.d.'s at the bottom.
ANTQNUT5 years ago
I love it! This is pure awesomeness!