Step 7: Finished!!

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So this is the finial Product!! What do you guys think? Well check it out on ebay and the video on YouTube!! I'm donating 15% of the auction to J.D.R.F. as a little Christmas present for those kids!! Please throw this thing all over the Web, I would love to see it everywhere and tell me where you've seen it!! Thanks a bunch! Ask any questions and feel free to comment!
gunman1511 months ago

Would you make a "Star Wars the Old Republic" SWTOR wii for me? I can only do a payment plan though? lol

Absolutely gorgious, your Wii has become a very sexy machine.
Great mod
I'll buy it from you!!!


BeerBellyJoe (author)  Dr-Constructable5 years ago
Its sold already, but I still have the Hulk one.
You've got some skills. Nice job! =)