This is a big project, it took me 4 days to complete, but I can't use my left arm to well cause of a surgery I had. so if your handy you could build it faster. it cost me less then $100.00 but I had some of the stuff lying around (plexaglass, vinal, lights gauges, switches, most of the paint and stainless plates). my kids love this thing and they haven't stopped playing in it.

1st take a sheet of 3/4 plywood and draw the side of the ship. make sure you will have enough plywood to flip it over and trace it for the other side of the ship. making the ship shape is just a little thought and imagination. or look on the Internet for ideas. mine is about 5 feet tall and 3 feet wide.


Once you finish the sides figure out were you want the doors and cut them out.
you can use 1/4 ply wood for the roof, floor and back wall and even some of the front end. i used 2x3's for most of the framing. but you can use 1x? pine also.

make the floor frame and back wall frame then cover them. as seen in photo.
Wow I wish I had one
I'm thinking about something very similar. My niece is a bit of a ham so I'm thinking about making a puppet show theater for her .
looks great! You just need to add a LCD screen and replace the handles with a joystick and you´ll have a freaking awesome x-wing (or any star wars game) simulator!!
Pretty freakin awesome.Only 4 days to complete!
yea but, I forgot to mention that im a carpenter. and I had it all planed out in my head, a week before I built it. but that doesn't mean it would take any longer for anyone else to build. THANKS: GOOSE
Wow, that's insanely cool! I wish I had one in my room, that would be pretty cool. :P I'm playing Star Wars Battlefront II right now. :-) Nice job! +1 rating.
And i wish i was playing star wars battlefront right now!
pretty awesome.

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