In this video I show you option one of two you have to start a youtube HD gaming channel using your xbox one and no capture card.

All you will need is an Xbox One and access to internet pc.

Step 1, Use xbox ones own DVR to record your game footage. this video will show you how to record for longer than 5 mins...


Step 2, Open upload studio and load your clips, here you can edit your clips together, add voice over, add titles, transitions and even add face cam if you have a connect. Or you can choose to do all your editing on pc.

Step 3, Upload to one drive.

Step 4, access one drive on an internet pc at www.onedrive.com then select the file you uploaded and download to your pc.

Step 5, Once you have the file on your pc you can either edit the video in whichever software you prefer or upload straight to youtube. Hope this helped you out guys this is how I started on youtube and in the next video I will show you how to start your gaming channel if you are going to be using longer video clips.

<p>Very interesting. Thanks for sharing!</p>
<p>Not a problem hope it helps some people out.</p>

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