This Steam-Punk  Storm-Glass was updated April 20 2013 in Juneand again in december
The Fitzroy Storm Glass was first introduced by botronics and his fine ible.
( he also joined the ibles community 3 days before I did :-)
When I needed a really nice gift for my wife's bornday celebration and this was what I chose to make.

During the early 1700's, the Admiral Fitzroy glass was used by sailors attempting to forecast ocean weather.
For the next 200 years they relied on the changing crystal formations to predict the weather.
Today one supplier actually believes that the electromagnetic solar changes can affect the crystals patterns inside the glass.

The instrument is a fragile glass vial with a clear water like liquid.
I chose making this in Steam Punk as my daughter likes this style very much.
A single White LED and bit of electronics allows a strikingly detailed night observation.
The hanger is made of plexiglass and metal to firmly hold the storm glass and act as an illumination night light.
You can get a storm glass from Klockit..


You have to like this very simple LED circuit.  ....  Only Four Components including the Light Emitting Diode.

Still the circuit is worth bread boarding before publication

Circuit Operation ;

See the circuit diagram.  A normal DC wall wart has a 3' to 4' foot cord and as such
it is good practice to put a capacitor at the far end where the regulation occures, to avoid micro power drop outs.
The LM317 and 68 ohm resistor make a standard constant current regulator that is set
to about 20 milliamps in series with any LED.

The Components ;
  • One White LED of your choosing.
  • One LM317LZ  Regulator TO-92
  • One 68 Ohm 1/8 Watt Resistor.
  • One Tantalum 22uF to 47uF 25V Capacitor.
  • A small Wall Wart ( 5V to 24Volt DC output )
  • A matching Coaxial connect Receptacle.

Special note
You may use a TO-220 regulator as well as the smaller TO-92 package.

See a cluttered electronics work bench ( No clear level surface:)

I used the smallest Wall Wart which has a ( 6Volts DC Output capable of 200 ma ) and
a Coaxial delivery plug

I always learn something new with you. <br>Excellent work, beautifully executed and the ible is first class as well. <br>First class diagrams.
Thanks for the very nice words WWC. <br> <br>A
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<p>Good work.</p>
<p>Appreciate your nice opinion.</p>
Looks great. Mine is still going strong. During the summer, all the crystal were gone. Now that's it winter, I see a lot of changes during the day. Lighting the instrument, makes the crystal growth very visible.
Mine has started up too.<br> <br> I'm lucky that my wife likes mine enough that it has been allowed as a 24/7 night light<br> in a cool corner and has not been touched or disturbed since last year.<br> <br> We cut back the heater at night<br> This fall the crystal growth started on top and<br> Now I'm waiting for it to get heavier and glide down.
Good job iceng
Glad you like it
Added a New insight on the Storm-Glass at the end of&nbsp; <strong>Step 2</strong>
Awesome job.You got my vote
Thanks, that makes two...
Good work complimented by fantastic diagrams
Thanks for the compliment. <br>Even the.wife likes it in the house.
Sweet build, I like it! Good work.

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