Introduction: STEM Club Projects

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This is a collection of projects that can be used in any STEM club. The material lists are just suggestions.

Step 1: Wind Car

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Challenge students to build cars using wind to propel the car forward. Offer rewards for
-Fastest car
-Farthest a car traveled
-Most economical

Materials you will need
-Popsicle sticks (You will need a lot)
- Manilla Folders
-Hot glue or wood glue

Step 2: Egg Drop

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Challenge students to build an apparatus that can protect an egg from heights.
Too make it harder you can tell your students it has to be easy to get out.
Reward them for
-Highest height egg survived
-Most compact apparatus

Possible materials
-Popsicle sticks
-Cushioning materials
-Any glue

Step 3: Mini Flutag

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Challenge students to make a glider
Reward them for
- Farthest traveled
- Coolest(Let their peers vote)

Possible Materials
-Let the students bring items from home


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