Step 5: Construction: Stacking The Layers

Picture of Construction: Stacking The Layers
You will be delighted to here that there is more soldering: Cough Cough (remeber to work in a well ventilated enviroment)
Lead Poisoning Yet?

Now we are going to solder the 4 layers together. To hold them in place in the clear case copper rod is used as it can be soldered on to the different layers. 5 pieces are requires, one in each corner and one aditional one in the power corner.
  1. Put the top layer in the jig ane solder 4 of the copper rods in each of the corners to the negative rail pointing up and away from the jig.
  2. Now solder the fith rod to your worst corner ( ie the worst looking, as it will be at the back)
  3. Get your USB cable and strip it down, solder red and black wires to the positive and negative rail (see the last photo)
Update : Solder a 3.3 Ohm resistor (2W) into the red 5V line
Zikkurat3 years ago
Is it normal for the resistor to get very hot?
I am using the same RGB Leds as mentioned, the same value resistor, and a Nokia cellphone usb cord; but when I plugged the cube into the computer the resistor got so hot that it melted the shrink wrap that I had placed around it. I am not that familiar with electronics, and was wondering if this indicates that I have done something wrong.
Hey I know this question was older but it means that you're putting more current through it than it's designed for.
Zikkurat3 years ago
I just started making one of these, and I was wondering what to do with the ends of the last LED (the middle most one) in each layer. The ends of all the other LEDs in the layer are soldered to those of the the next LED, but the middle LED is the last of the line and is not followed by any others. Do you solder the ends of the LED to the Corresponding LED on the next level beneath it? Do you just cut the ends and leave them?
eXtremeSomething (author)  Zikkurat3 years ago
Hello, sorry for the delay in my reply. you can cut off the legs of the middle most one, or you can be clever and try in reinforce the structure by soldering the legs of the middle most led to another place on that rail, on the same layer

(ie, follow that track of legs back along, till the leg of the middle led can reach)
netphreak4 years ago
Why did you put the resistor on the positive rail? Everything I've read says to put resistors on the ground rail.
eXtremeSomething (author)  netphreak4 years ago
Every think you've read? Well you can put in on either rail as long as there is 1 resitor ( of the stated value ) in series with the whole led cube.
cmielke4 years ago
The smoke is from burning flux. Lead will almost never reach the point where it becomes airborne.
eXtremeSomething (author)  cmielke4 years ago
I know that, but there are other ways such as not washing hand, ingestion ect. Infact most solder does't contain lead anyway, but thank you for your feedback.