STG44 V8 Assault Rifle




Introduction: STG44 V8 Assault Rifle

Redesigned Handle... and just when you thought it couldn't get any better! Same Functions. Just with an even more realistic look. Also the switch is a bit changed, Still useless... Enjoy! Comment and Rate!!!



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    Wow, its a 4 Star Rating :DDD

    I don't really know where else to improve, except for the rubber bands but I like them, so this will probably be the last version I will make.

    probaby try adding 5 layers of knex and makeing it more look like this

    Its a very thin gun to begin with. At the most it should be 4 layers but that may look a bit awkward, plus I already dis-assembled the gun. Found some old K'nex in my attic though, maybe I'll consider making a V9.

    Add a semi auto mech, that will make it better.

    I tried but the trigger was sticking out, so I reconverted it to be the shotgun type RBG again. Oh well, it's mainly for looks, if you want semi auto that shoots rods, try thedunkis's STG44