STG44 V8 Assault Rifle




Introduction: STG44 V8 Assault Rifle

About: I don't really build that much anymore since I pay attention to more important things like School Work and Guitar Practice... But I put stuff up every now and then... Me and da Dunkiz alwayz fight fir no rea...

Redesigned Handle... and just when you thought it couldn't get any better! Same Functions. Just with an even more realistic look. Also the switch is a bit changed, Still useless... Enjoy! Comment and Rate!!!



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    Wow, its a 4 Star Rating :DDD

    I don't really know where else to improve, except for the rubber bands but I like them, so this will probably be the last version I will make.

    probaby try adding 5 layers of knex and makeing it more look like this

    Its a very thin gun to begin with. At the most it should be 4 layers but that may look a bit awkward, plus I already dis-assembled the gun. Found some old K'nex in my attic though, maybe I'll consider making a V9.

    Add a semi auto mech, that will make it better.

    I tried but the trigger was sticking out, so I reconverted it to be the shotgun type RBG again. Oh well, it's mainly for looks, if you want semi auto that shoots rods, try thedunkis's STG44

    And you know what, i'm gonna build and add one! I'll give you some pics when i'm done.

    Dude that looks awesome, it sucks that i cant make it becuz im missing most of my pieces from several other guns i have been working on for a while now

    Well, my goal is to make it as realistic as possible, but I will keep my old one up if enough people like that one better.