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Introduction: STLR (Seleziona's Top Loading Rifle)

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Seleziona's Top Loading RIFLE!!!!!
Her you go! Your present from seleziona! If you are looking for a gun that has a high ROF and fast loading, you came to the right place! Let's go straight into pros and cons!

Top loaded (fast loading)
you never have to take out the mag push
quite powerful (45 feet)
it can handle lots of bands because it has a pin guide
it's comfy (it is a left handed gun....)
reliable, it's never jammed, and the trigger is good if you have lots of bands on it

uses orange connector, green rod and grey connector for ammo (i don't have many orange connectors)
you hold the gun with one hand (pro for me)
Uses one broken part, but you guys for sure have one-it's a broken orange connector with just one tab thing taken off...
Tell me some more...

Overall, this is a great, simple, fast shooting gun!


Here is the stock, it's needed because you hold the gun with one hand, and you need extra support.....
Picture 1: what you WILL make
2: Make all of these
3: Take a plate and fill it up! Remember to connect those three parts with a white rod!
4: put the next plate on and read the image note!

Not too hard! Lets go to the HANDLE!

Help Needed? Gimme A Comment And I'll Help you! I'm Always On Line!

Step 2: HANDLE

this is the place where the trigger goes, and your hand goes here too!
Picture 1: You WILL make this!
2: make this stuff!
3: take one and add lots of filling!
4: Read image notes...

Not to shabby! Looking good! next step....

Need Help? Drop Me A Comment, I'm Pretty Much Always On Line!

Step 3: BODY PART 1

Here is the first half of the body, here is the trigger.....
Picture 1: What you WILL make!
2: make those!
3: put in the insides!
4: read image note!
5: Add the next panel....
6: add the rest! Read image notes!

That was a little hard... Let's go to body part 2!!!

I'm Still Here If You Need Help!


Let's enjoy a donut and keep going! Pick whichever donut you like! Just don't pick the chocolate one with white icing, That's mine!

Step 5: BODY PART 2

This is obviously, the second body part, the last major part in the gun!
Picture1: What you WILL make!
2: Get this stuff!
3: get one layer and put insides on!
4: Look
5: Put next layer on
6: put these on both sides
Almost done!!
Need help still?


We will put it together now (duh).
The best part!!!
Picture 1: Put these together
2: put this on!

Onwards to the next step!

Step 7: EXTRAS

Well, here are some mods, and how to put on bands, and how to make the firing pin and the mag push...
Picture 1: put a white rod here!
2: the firing pin
3: the mag push (build it exactly!)
4: Add two white rods and put an elastic over both of them...
5: a mod. Switch a blue connector from one of the sides of the mag push, and replace it with a snowflake. Then put a green rod in the hole you made and tape it up son!
6: another view
7: get a 64 and put it from the mag push up to the top....
8: put firing pin in and put a string of two 64s, and get a blue rod and stick it in the gun, and put the elastics on!
9: the way the bullets go in...


Step 8: Loading and Firing.

Okay you are done your gun. What now? 
To load, load 7-8 (no more!) bullets into the top loading part. hold the handle with one hand, and get your other hand ready to do some fast reloading!
Now pull the pin, and as soon as the pin gets blocked by the trigger, pull the trigger. Pull the firing pin fast again, and shoot, until your mag is empty. Now load again and repeat!

My record for shooting a mag with 7 bullets is 5 seconds.
My record for loading 7 is 8 seconds. So that means i could've reloaded, and shot every bullet in the mag in about 14 seconds!!


How to have fun with your gun. Here are 10 things you can do with it to have extra fun...
1: shoot a sibling (double the points for shooting a parent!)
2: Throw it against a wall (Double points for making a dent, triple for making a hole!)
3: give it a lecture, don't let it talk back to you! (double points for making it cry!)
4: Bring it outside, and shoot a random person on the street. (5 times the points for shooting a cop =D)
5: Try and beat my records for loading and shooting! (negative 2 for cheating!)
6: try to get the best range you can! (double points for over 55 feet!)
7: Take a picture of it! Give me the picture, and i'll put it on the next step! (no extra points >:(  )
8: teach it to do tricks! (double points for teaching it to load on it's own! triple for teaching it to talk!
9: Put it in the paper shredder! (triple points if you actually shred it a little!)
10: last but not least, let it sleep in your bed. Guns want to be companions, not weapons! (double points if you actually do!


Step 10: GUN PICS

I want you to take a pic of it, and post it here!



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    92 Discussions

    it is a very nuce gun though nice job:)

    i dont have any hinges for the trigger i have the whole gun built but the trigger does not work is there anyway tp do the trigger differently

    Good gun just not liking the look of it :(
    reply if i should make it does anyone have any mods ??

    I spent over 4 hours building this, used every small green rod I had, the only pieces I didn't have for this were the hinges and I came up with a reliable modification, and it didn't work, I put so many bands on it that the ram was really hard the pull back and when I did, the whole gun bent. But, with this amount of rubbe bands, the ram rod attached itself to the mag push and it took me about ten minutes just to unattach it, and when I did, I really couldn't be bothered with this gun anymore.
    I'm sure there's nothing wrong with the actual gun but I followed the instruction exactly, going through each step 3 times just to make sure I got it right. The gun only fired one shot properly and the bullet still only went about 6 feet.
    This has happened at least 3 times in the past 5 days, I find a gun with a brilliant, strong, good-looking design and it barely works.
    But I have built some of your other guns and they did work when I built them.
    And will you continue to make instructables of K'nex guns and stuff?

    Do you have to use the blue ball joint connector??????

    If so is their any subs????

    1 reply

    this gun sucks none of the connections works\

    Alrighty, this is it. I did not have enough pieces to build the stock and a few other things, so i had to improvise as i got closer to finishing.

    Still, if A) I had the pieces, and B), the rubber bands, I feel this would be a very kick @$$ gun =D


    ok, so i'm on the first body piece thing, and it's telling you to use the gray on the one side if you're right handed, etc. What size is the other rod? is it a red one, because that's the next biggest rod i have :/