Step 4: Two Other Variations of Hanging Curtains

Used plastic mug holders with the 3M Command Strips to hold curtain rods in the 1st example.
Removed the original mounting tape in the back and replaced it with the Command Strip
because I don't trust the original adhesive. It might strip the paint.
Could also color the mug holder with paint meant for plastic.

In the 2nd variation I used a 3M Cord Bundler to hold a curtain rod.
Thought Cord Bundler looked nice in comparison to hooks.

Now you can hang drapes without making nasty holes in the wall.
<p>Tacky!! </p>
<p>I like your ideas and agree about the cheap paint being damaged.. We rent but have leeway in what we do to the house (lovely landlords). Your idea of the mughooks should work marvelous downstairs in what they called The Sunroom. Three big windows and sliding doors. Put up curtains on two but third one we could not drill into the wall surface (???) They already had hooks/nails in the frame for a light curtain on stretchy cord. It cops the afternoon sun so I would like to put up the last curtain rod<br>Thankyou for the ideas..</p>
<p>Warning about Command hooks - every time I have ever left them up for more than a couple of weeks, they rip holes in the paint when I take them down. Most apartments use the cheapest paint available when repainting between tenants, and command hooks do NOT do well on cheap paint - Several times I have ripped the paint off then &quot;releasing&quot; the adhesive. Don't trust them in apartments - screw holes are easier to fix than big patches torn off down to the drywall!</p>
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On step 4, the <strong>image</strong>, what is the list of supplies needed to do that, what are the rings with the clasps on them called, where can they be purchased? what is the rod you are using made out of(where can it be purchased)? I really need some curtains for my room, and this seems like the perfect way to do it. please help me do it by giving me the list of supplies need.<br/><br/>-Thanks<br/>
I was to hang a mosquito net for house in Taiwan. The 3M command strips certainly a good choice to put a hooks on concrete wall and ceiling than driving or drill into the concrete.
Wow, didn't realize they're that strong and adhesive enough to go on concrete. Thanks for the tip, tropical mosquitoes are definitely the worst. I just came from the art show tonight and they used the command strips too.
As a former renter and someone who likes to change things pretty regularly, I have to say this a really good Instructable. Thanks for sharing. :)

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