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This is a guide to the drinking game stump. I have noticed there is already a instructable for this game but this will be a different approach and slightly different version as I have played it. But first things first:

Here is your warning:

Obviously this game is full of things you should not do and are dangerous......and fun. Things like

-----Drinking excessively

-----Swinging a hammer while drinking excessively

-----Throwing hammers while drinking excessively

Things to try not to do:

-----Hit yourself in the head with your hammer

-----Get hit in the head by someone else's hammer

-----Point at someones nail - hard to do, even harder to do when drunk (I have seen fingers almost lost)

-----Generally smash or hit any body part with your hammer.

Now thats out of the way. onto the fun.

Step 1: What You Need to Play Stump

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Items you need:

Large stump or log (you want a log thats about knee height or slightly higher)

Hammer with a grip (either painted on or rubber)

Nails (about 4 or 5 inches long)

Drinks (lots)

Brave (drunk) people (friends)

Possible head protection (From throwing hammers)

Step 2: Rules

Basic goal is to drive all of your competitors nails flush with the surface of the stump and only have your nail remaining.

How to execute:

You must earn swings of the hammer by flipping your hammer and catching it. If you can not catch the hammer or catch it off of the grip area you must drink and you forfeit your turn. You can earn multiple swings of your hammer by flipping it more than once or by using a multiplier flip. the game is won when you are the last nail standing.

A multiplier flip:

1x flip: Flip the hammer in front of you.

2x flip multiplier: flipping the hammer under your leg and catching it on the grip.

3x flip multiplier: flipping the hammer behind your back and catching it on the grip.

4x flip multiplier: flipping the hammer behind your back and over your head and catching it on the grip.

But if you miss a attempt at multiplier you must drink the number of times you were trying for.

Step 3: The Swing

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The swing is intended to be preformed without the advantage of aiming. The hammer is swung in one smooth steady motion. The swing starts with the (1) hammer head below the surface of the stump to (2) over your head then (3) to strike the target nail. Try to drive the nail into the stump in one shot.

Step 4: When to Drink

drinking recap:

1 drink:

If you flip your hammer and drop it

*If you flip your hammer and catch it off the grip area

If you swing and miss a nail

If some one hits your nail

2 drinks:

*If you drop your hammer after a single 2x multiplier flip

3 drinks:

*If you drop your hammer after a single 3x multiplier flip

4 drinks:

*If you drop your hammer after a single 4x multiplier flip

All your beer

If someone drives your nail in, in one shot


mkcohen86 (author)2016-08-09

Really love the drawings, but the instructions are a little off. This is the middle school way to play. If you want to see the real way to play, check out

milly1990 (author)2015-07-31

this sounds like an Australian game haha

stephenmack (author)2015-04-10

I'm impressed by the drawings! Great job winning the contest!

ahamed nadeem (author)2015-04-09


MAYER MAKES (author)2015-04-08

classic Nageln! Austrias Number one drinking game....adored by a ton of young alcoholics and hated by their respective girlfriends...

zaphod07 (author)2015-04-07

Just wanted to say thanks to everyone who has liked my instructable and thanks to anyone who voted on it in the HOW TO PLAY_________ contest.

RuudvandeLooij made it! (author)2015-03-22

Brilliant and dangerous. I once made a piece of furniture for my studyassociation together with some friends especially for this kind of game. It's called 'Diederik Jan Willem' and you can and may only speak about it using this name. In order to move it around we put a hydraulic press with wheels in it so it can be lifted on it's wheels and then moved.

zaphod07 (author)RuudvandeLooij2015-03-22

That is a serious piece of equipment. I like it

cnutter3 (author)2015-03-22

What happens if someone bends your nail over

zaphod07 (author)cnutter32015-03-22

we have just treated it like a nail in play. The entire nail must be driven flush with the STUMP.

nckenergy (author)2015-03-21

Still a bit unclear of the rules.
Do you choose any competitor's nail to hit?
What happens when your nail is pummeled? I realize you drink but do you still get a turn to swing?

zaphod07 (author)nckenergy2015-03-22

you can hit any nail you want.

if your nail has been driven in all the way you are out till next round.

but we often modify rules as we see fit.

seamster (author)2015-03-21

I love the hand-drawn pics! We need more like this. So cool.

I've got an old stump, hammer, and nails... need to play this!

zaphod07 (author)seamster2015-03-21

Thanks alot I was unsure about it. Because I have not seen anyone else do it before.

TomV4 (author)2015-03-21

I suspect you didn't play "Rock, Paper, Scissors" the normal way as a child!

Porda (author)2015-03-21

I love the drawings!

greaser97 (author)2015-03-21

Great drawings! And totally "harmless" fun:)

Kiteman (author)2015-03-21

Wow, did you draw these yourself??

zaphod07 (author)Kiteman2015-03-21

yes I did.

Kiteman (author)zaphod072015-03-21

That is an awesome skill to have!

zaphod07 (author)Kiteman2015-03-21


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