You will need to cut the inner tubing.  
To cut the bicycle inner tube cut the center through 2 of the layers to make 2 ends instead of having a circle.  
Then cut right down the center and then trim to even the edge and cut off the inner tube spout. 

Next cut the inner tube in half but don't cut the side where the spout is,  you want the spout to be centered so it can be used for a closure.  
For the skull and bones purse fold the inner tube in half so the spout falls at one end and cut the opposite end to make 2 ends instead of a circle.  

Used inner tube linings need cleaned before you paint them.
Clean with soap and water.
Make sure they are completely dried.  
Paint both the bicycle inner tube and the larger inner tube.   
Thanks a lot for the idea. I made one for my sister with the following differences<br> -old phone chord for the stitching <br> -didn't stitch the handle<br> -lining was red paint<br> -clasp was USB
Love it! Have you had any problems with the smell?
It has a slight smell, Like maybe a rubber band but it is not real noticeable. Even plastic has a smell but no, in my opinion it is not offensive at all. Thanks for commenting.
very nice!
Thanks Mary!
Very creative! Congrats!
Love it, my only problem is getting the inner tubes :) not a lot of used ones floating around out where I live, I may make one out of something else though cause your design is really very cool.
Thanks for your comment. Bike shops have used ones and the dump let me look also. I got 2 from there.
gem-skull<em> and </em>skull liner?! <strong>whoa!</strong><br> awesome!<br>
Thanks! It took some thinking to get it right. I had to experiment to get the pattern and how to put it together. As I make more I am sure I will find the best way.
I am starting to have an appreciation for innertubes. Love these purses and your attention to detail.
Thanks! Yes, I am appreciating them also. I can't wait to have the time to make more because I have a lot of ideas. I loved your purses as well! Super cute!
Great idea Sis! I'm not a biker fan but with different embellishments I can see a purse that I would carry.
I am not a fan either but it is popular I guess. I love girlie stuff much better! Pinks rock! Thanks for your comment sister.

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