I won a pack of sugru and a shirt for https://www.instructables.com/id/Chain-maille-necklace-from-scratch/ 
Today while cleaning up after present unwrapping, I saw that my swiffer sweeper vacuum was broken at the tilt point.
Not wanting to use a whole pack for this tiny fix, I decided to hack my clipboard as well. 
Use the sugru per the package directions and the possibilities are almost limitless.
Is that the size pack you get for winning a contest? I thought you just got a single 5g pack!
yup. <br>
I had sugru. It lasts only 6 months even if the inner pack is closed. But it does make good covers for metal chair legs. It's very durable.
sugru is a product, its air curing silicone putty. <br><br>BTW don't keep the sugru around for a rainy day, it expires. even when the inner and outer pouch is not opened. we had a whole bag go crumbly/thick but it was about 2 years over its expire date.
This is simply the best misspelling of the word Sugar I have ever seen.

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