This is easy, super easy. You will need only thread and glue, nothing else. I’m using silk embroidery thread here, you will need different shades of green, Since it’s a garden. You’ll need glue. And something to mold the bowl. I used a 9” foam cylinder. You will twine for the base.

Step 1: Prep.

I covered the foam with zip wrap so that it will be easy to remove once it is completely dry. Or it will be pasted to the foam. NB: you don’t want that :P

You need to make glue mix using glue and water, mix them into 1:1/2 ratio. That is for 1 part glue you have to add ½ part water.

Step 2: Make the Garden……

I used a dark green shade to the base. There’s no correct way of doing it. Using a paint brush apply the glue to the covered foam and place thread on it and apply more glue. This is MESSYYYY. IKR

Remember to leave some pieces of thread where the base will be, so that the base has something to stick on to.

And after the dark green shade I used a light green color. Do it all around.

Step 3: Don’t Forget the Flowers.

I added red and yellow flowers. For the red flowers I coiled the thread around my finger and placed it on to the foam in a tulip flower shape. That is in a U shape.

And yellow flowers have no definite shape; it is a rough circle of yellow thread.

I added stems to the flowers and leaves to the red flowers.

Step 4: The Base..

I started doing the base after the sides are almost dry. Or the threads have the tendency to attach itself to anything it touches, SPECIALLY YOUR FINGERS :P I THINK THEY LOVE FINGERS :D

I used the same method to the base but I used twine. Like showed in the pic. In circles, leave no spaces. Place the twine like it touches the one next to it. I started doing the base from the centre.

Now you need patience, wait till that dries completely. And you can remove it from the foam. And there you have a bowl there. Isn't it pretty?



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That looks so pretty, cool idea!