Bacon wrapped kids anyone???  This sleeping bag combo was inspired by one of my favorite childhood books "Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs" which in recent years was adapted into an animated movie that my children enjoy as well. The book is about a town called "Chewandswallow" that gets it's food from the weather & is overcome with a natural disaster of freakishly large food items. As a child I always dreamed of what it would be like to live in a town with super-sized food. Now my kids don't have to dream of it, they can experience it first hand, wrapped in their cozy bacon & egg sleeping bag set. 

NOTE: The egg doubles as a sleeping bag carrier/pillow case.

Step 1: Ingredients

The materials needed will change depending on the size you would like to make your sleeping bag. I had my children in mind for this project so I made the bag about 54" in length & about 30" wide, but you could easily make it larger for an adult.  Based on my measurements I used:

3 Yards of a burgundy fleece (bacon)
1.5 Yards of white fleece (egg)
3/4 Yard of yellow fleece (yolk)
1.5 Yards of white felt (for fat strips)
1 sleeping bag zipper (100 in)
20 in. of white velcro 1" width. (You can use a white zipper instead) 
Quilt batting (I used a thin batting but you can use whatever you prefer or none at all if your fleece is thick)
About a basketball size amount of polyfill stuffing (yolk)
Optional: white ribbon for carrying strap. 

Note: You will also need a sewing machine, threads to match, and scissors.

<p>Cool! Thanks for posting this Instructable! I'm going to try to make it soon.</p>
This is so cute!!! My best friend is literally obsessed with Bacon! Bacon shirts, bacon pillows, bacon jewelry, bacon chocolate, bacon shoes, you name it! But, she does not have a bacon sleeping bag! Perfect Birthday gift! Do you have an estimate on how much fabric I would have to use for someone who is exactly 6'0? :-)
Who doesn't love novelty food items? ;) If the person is of average build I think the width should still work fine so you just need to get twice the length of the bag you want. (because it is doubled over) for a 6 ft tall person I'd guess you'd want it to be between 60-72&quot; in length. SO you'd need about 4 yards of the burgundy color. As far as the egg material &amp; white felt you should be safe with the same amounts, you just won't have a lot of room for play/mistakes. :) Hope this helps &amp; Happy Creating!
You won! Congrats! :) :)
that's so fun!
This is very cute. I am sure this sleeping bag will be used until the threads are worn out! Nice job! <br>Sunshiine
This is Eggcelent. Good job friend!
Thanks for &quot;Egging&quot; me on!
Awesome! This would be great for our annual camping trip. Nice Work!
OMG! Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs is my all time favorite book! My grandma would read that to me when I was younger and I don't know what it is, but I just love that book. I'm so glad this project was inspired by that because this project is sweet! I would love a sleeping bag set like that! I agree with Scooch, enter it to ThinkGeek!
Thanks! I did enter it to ThinkGeek! Now I just wait. I know what you mean about the book, there is just something very MAGICAL about it. Even as an adult I enjoy reading it to my children! :)
Very cool!
I would really dream about bacon in that sleeping bag! Amazing.
This is fantastic, I love it! You should submit this to the <a href="http://www.thinkgeek.com/geeklabs/ideafactory.shtml">ThinkGeek Idea Factory</a> - they're always looking for new products, and I bet this would be a hit! Or, you know, Kickstarter if you're into starting your own line :D &nbsp;This one's a hit in my book!&nbsp;
Thanks! I love ThinkGeek, &amp; wasn't aware that they except ideas. Maybe I'll give it a go.
that is sooo cute and awesome, better than breakfast in bed, :)
Lol. I'm all about word play &amp; puns, I can't believe I didn't think of that one. &quot;breakfast in bed&quot;, that's a good one!

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