Step 2: Where's the Pork?

Picture of Where's the Pork?
To make the sleeping bag:

1. Lay out your burgundy fleece so that it is doubled over length wise with the fold along the top edge.  It will create a sandwich that is about 54" x 60" 

2. Open your sandwich and add your batting to the center.

3. Fold under the edges of the fabric by about 1/4" and pin the zipper into place between the folds. Work one half of the zipper at a time. Start the zipper at the top outer edge and end it at center of the bottom edge. (because the finished product will be folded in half)

4. Sew the zipper in place.

OPTIONAL: I also sewed a seam across the folded edge that was about 3-4" from the fold to distinguish it as the opened end.