Step 4: Let's Get Cracking

For the egg carrying/pillow case you will want to use the bacon as a gauge for size.

1. Fold up your bag to a comfortable size. There is nothing worse then trying to fold, roll, and stuff a sleeping bag into a tiny case, so keep it simple & build your case to fit it properly!

2. Lay the white fleece over the top of the bag so you have a general idea of how large the bag needs to be in order to fit the bag. (I needed about a 30" square)

3. Cut 4 copies of a wavy, egg whites shape, that is the approximate size needed to cover the folded sleeping bag. 

4. Cut about a 14" circle out of the yellow fleece. This will be your yolk. (My fleece was rather thin so I doubled the layers)

NOTE: As you work with the egg whites be sure you are orienting the shape together correctly.

5. Take 1 copy of the egg whites and sew the yellow yolk onto the center of it. Leave a few inches unstitched for stuffing. Stuff it. Then finish closing it to complete the yolk. 

6. Now take a 2 copy and sew a long strip of velcro along one edge. 

7. Sandwich & sew together the yolk piece and the velcro piece so that the yolk is on one side and the velcro on the other.

8. Take the remain 2 copies and add the opposite half of the velcro to one of the copies, while the other remains plain. Sandwich & sew these 2 pieces together.

9. At this point you will have created  the two halves of the case. One half with the yolk on the outside velcro on the inside. The other half with the velcro on the inside & plain on the outside.  Now sandwich & sew both halves together with outsides facing in, being sure to leave the Velcro edge open.

10 Once sewn you can turn it sunny side out! You will notice that the edge by the velcro is not finished, so fold over & hem down the edge to finish it. 

Optional: you can also sew in a length of ribbon as a carrying strap  near the opening.

NOTE: You could use a zipper instead of velcro as an option. I chose velcro because I thought the zipper may be uncomfortable under their little heads. You have to watch the velcro when slipping in the bacon bag though, because it likes to grab it a bit. 
<p>Cool! Thanks for posting this Instructable! I'm going to try to make it soon.</p>
This is so cute!!! My best friend is literally obsessed with Bacon! Bacon shirts, bacon pillows, bacon jewelry, bacon chocolate, bacon shoes, you name it! But, she does not have a bacon sleeping bag! Perfect Birthday gift! Do you have an estimate on how much fabric I would have to use for someone who is exactly 6'0? :-)
Who doesn't love novelty food items? ;) If the person is of average build I think the width should still work fine so you just need to get twice the length of the bag you want. (because it is doubled over) for a 6 ft tall person I'd guess you'd want it to be between 60-72&quot; in length. SO you'd need about 4 yards of the burgundy color. As far as the egg material &amp; white felt you should be safe with the same amounts, you just won't have a lot of room for play/mistakes. :) Hope this helps &amp; Happy Creating!
You won! Congrats! :) :)
that's so fun!
This is very cute. I am sure this sleeping bag will be used until the threads are worn out! Nice job! <br>Sunshiine
This is Eggcelent. Good job friend!
Thanks for &quot;Egging&quot; me on!
Awesome! This would be great for our annual camping trip. Nice Work!
OMG! Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs is my all time favorite book! My grandma would read that to me when I was younger and I don't know what it is, but I just love that book. I'm so glad this project was inspired by that because this project is sweet! I would love a sleeping bag set like that! I agree with Scooch, enter it to ThinkGeek!
Thanks! I did enter it to ThinkGeek! Now I just wait. I know what you mean about the book, there is just something very MAGICAL about it. Even as an adult I enjoy reading it to my children! :)
Very cool!
I would really dream about bacon in that sleeping bag! Amazing.
This is fantastic, I love it! You should submit this to the <a href="http://www.thinkgeek.com/geeklabs/ideafactory.shtml">ThinkGeek Idea Factory</a> - they're always looking for new products, and I bet this would be a hit! Or, you know, Kickstarter if you're into starting your own line :D &nbsp;This one's a hit in my book!&nbsp;
Thanks! I love ThinkGeek, &amp; wasn't aware that they except ideas. Maybe I'll give it a go.
that is sooo cute and awesome, better than breakfast in bed, :)
Lol. I'm all about word play &amp; puns, I can't believe I didn't think of that one. &quot;breakfast in bed&quot;, that's a good one!

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