Luchador fever is in the air! Think of the ring, think of the screaming girls and your sweating opponent baying for your blood. But what is this? You lost you mask in your last fight - oh the shame - a luchador cannot possibly fight without his mask, but wait... maybe... yes, perhaps there is a way! Read on and your luchador dreams may soon come to pass!



Luchador wrestling is a rough game, and to avoid your nose literally getting ripped off with a wicked fishhook to the nose, it is essential to cover the main area of the face. This not only protects you from the ultra-violence of the match, but also hides your identity, and avoids the shame of lost matches - however, with this mask you are bound to win!

With that in mind follow the steps below to main the NOSE AND FACE PROTECTOR.



What would a Luchador be without his profile. Strong and proud, he should tackle his opponents like he tackles life, without fear and with his proud chin held high. But how to protect a Luchador's most proud feature, simple, attach the jaw protector and repel your foe's deadly blows.

Below find how to make the JAW PROTECTOR.



As becoming a Luchador is a long journey to success, so has making this mask been a journey in your way to the wrestling ring, and your eventual embodiment as a Luchador Superstar. Just a few steps now and you will be ready for the ring!

DISCLAIMER: This mask does not protect you from THE HALF-NELSON, THE FIGURE-OF-FOUR-LEG-LOCK, THE TOMB STONE, or any other full body moves.


3366carlos (author)2013-02-17

Ingenuity at its best.

shadow wave rider (author)2011-07-12

lol, you look sort of funny and creepy at the same time in that picture at the top

thingygoboom (author)2007-05-12

good job... yeah.... sorry kinda creepy waching jack black try to wrestle...

Dear thingygoboom, I do agree that Jack is a little creepy in that film, but what we have to admire about the way that Jack Back acts is that he just doesn't care. His acting like a tom fool endears himself to the audience, and reminds us that it is okay to be a child. I think perhaps Nacho Libre was aimed mostly at kids anyway. I hope that you give my mask a try though, and please get back to me with your results. Brendan

must aggree, cant find old shoes... grrrrr

greenkush (author)thingygoboom2011-03-31

you guys know that nacho libre was based on a real story? were a Mexican priest for around 30 years would wrestle to make money for his church. the man is still alive

PastTheVoid (author)2009-06-19

My step-dad got a luchador mask for his birthday (it even had red hair!), if I made this, I would be doomed (he said that if I got one, we would have to fight for alpha-male of the house or something, he's still awesome though). P.S. I know your identity! Now you can't fight professionally with that mask!

seventhtribestudios (author)2009-06-17

Hey if anyone is looking for a custom designed wrestling gear, check
out MARTIN Wear. I think the website is and they
work here in the states, but they send all their stuff out to Mexico
to be handstitched and custom worked. Really cool stuff, my brother
got his gear through them and its great material. Check them out,
their prices are good and they really will work with you, they really
know their stuff.

kctrooper (author)2009-02-16

doesn't it stink but anyway I <3 it

sideshowdesign (author)2009-02-12

ha ha ha.. rockin! My shoes are doomed!

madara009 (author)2008-11-03

wow i cant imagine that smelling very good and exuse my randomness/ADD but your eyes are very red are you wearing contacts?(because it doesnt look likie a red eye from a camera flash)

Patented (author)2008-09-20

Why am I a collaborator to this instructables?

crippledeath (author)2008-05-20

thats funny as hell awesome im making one

rocksalt2342 (author)2008-05-13

Choncho, sometimes...when you are a man, you wear strechy pants in your room, just for fun. Nacho is the bomb.

Dim-1 (author)2008-03-31

What can I say, GREAT INSTRUCTABLE!!!!!! You are creative, resourceful and you look almost exactly like my friend Matt, weird.

brendanconnal (author)Dim-12008-03-31

Dear Dim-1, What can I say? Such high praise. All I can think is that your friend Matt must be an absolute stunner. Maybe we were twins separated at birth. Reunited we will become the most powerful luchador wrestlers in the world! Keep checking up on my instructables and thanks for the comment. Best regards, Brendan

BARBARIANROCKER (author)2008-03-10


canida (author)2007-04-30

You should clearly build a travelling Mexican wrestling ring and go on tour with your fiancee!

brendanconnal (author)canida2007-04-30

Dear Canida, Ha, that picture was hilarious. I wish I had a whole band of Luchador friends like those guys. I will make it my mission to build a Luchador community and then take the show on the road! Thank you my friend, you have truly inspired me to greater things. Brendan

start a group on here

Mitten (author)2007-04-30

Just an FYI, picture squares dont work in bigger squares. You just cant get to them

brendanconnal (author)Mitten2007-04-30

Dear Mitten, Thank you for pointing that out. I tried to edit them, but the little squares got stuck behind the big squares which made it impossible. Still, I will take another look at it and see what I can do. Thanks again, and be sure to keep an eye out for my future instructables. Brendan

bedbugg2 (author)brendanconnal2007-08-12

what did the squares say? its bugging me lol

bedbugg2 (author)2007-08-12

lol i love this you could also use different colours of leather, red even tha would look awesome with the teeth you could also put a small stone in the top of the mask to headbutt somone!

Tvman (author)2007-08-10 thought i saw the unltimate bored-shit-to-do but man..this takes the cake and i dont mean this derogtorivly (<----man i cant spell...) but it does look cool good job :)! (author)2007-06-30

lol brendan whats with the dear (your name here) everytime u say something .....?

Dear! In the old days, i.e. when I went to school, there was this nice thing called being polite. People would say 'please' and 'thank you!' and maybe even say "bless you!" when somebody sneezed. Anyway, back in this magical time, people would write letters (that is what they used to use paper for), and on these letters they would write interesting things beginning with "Dear" and then someone's name. These days, people just yell "Hey!" to try and get other people's attention, but as it is still a little letter, it is still worth paying attention to the detail. Besides, if someone takes the time to comment, even you, then I consider them dear to me. Thanks for your comment, and if you need any more history lessons you know where you can find me. All the best, Brendan

oh er shuda known that lol

ll.13 (author)2007-06-15

I do not want to collaborate in this 'structable.

brendanconnal (author)ll.132007-07-26

Dear llama13, I am sorry to hear that. Maybe try my other 'structables. Best, Brendan

Maxaxle88 (author)2007-06-11

Darn, I don't wear fancy shoes!

Vendigroth (author)2007-05-31

Steel helmet, do we think? at some point?

studmuffin3dawg2 (author)2007-05-05

dear brendan, no offense but in your pics you looked a little old to be wearing goofy costume masks like that, but it is very clever. also you should make like a tarzan thong or just a thong following the basic principle.

Dear studmuffin3dawg2, I concede that at 27 (I was 26 when I made the mask), that I might be a little old to be "wearing goofy masks" like this, but then it is not really harming anyone, and a lot of people seem to like it, so what does it matter? Should goofing around really be limited by age? I work as a primary school teacher in a Chinese school. In my profession, it is my very youthfulness that gets me through most days. I am not really a nine-to-fiver. I am glad that you liked the idea though, and I am even more pleased that you found it 'clever'. As for whether I would like to wear an old shoe on my crotch, is a different matter. Any suggestions as to what I could use instead. Thank you for your comments. I value everything that everyone has to say. Brendan

sorry if i offened you brendan, i really didnt mean to hurt your feelings i just thought it was really goofy. and no, goofing around should not be limited by age, i mean where would the world be if we were always serious. (it would be really boring and useless). but i do think it would be akward wearing that around your crotch, i dont know why i said that, but if you wanted to collect a lot of shoes, and take a lot of time, you could make a sweet leather jacket. but that would be pretty unpractical. also that would be awesome if you added flashing led's to the mask or maybe some spikes!!!! sorry again if i offened you i didn't mean it. :(

Dear studmuffin3dawg2, Don't sweat it. As a seasoned Luchador, I have skin thick like an aadvarks shell. I like the leather jacket idea, but that would be a lot of shoes. Another idea I have, is for shoe amulets, but I am on holiday in Thailand at the moment, so that may have to wait until my return. I hope that you give my instructable a go, and post any pictures of your results. Best regards, Brendan

jackfr0st (author)2007-05-04

dude i love it... ive watched nacho libre like 27 and 1/2 times!!! im makin this!

brendanconnal (author)jackfr0st2007-05-07

Dear jackfr0st, You are a man after my own heart, I just hope that we as Luchadors are up to the task of keeping the profession clean, and rid of jerks like Ramses. Maybe you can post your picture and we can make a tag team - cool! Brendan

jackfr0st (author)brendanconnal2007-05-07

i just gotta find good shoes to make this, i only have 1 pair of my church shoes

origamimavin (author)2007-05-05


Dear origmaimavin, Thhhhaaaaaaannnnnnkkkkkk yooooooouuuuuuu! IIIIIII reaaaaalllllyyyyyy apppppprrrrreeeeccccciiiiiaaaattttte yyyyoooooouuuuurrrrrr prrraaaaaaiiiiiissssssseeeeee Brendan (said as a Luchador commentator, it is simple, just stretch your words really far. Don't forget to warble your words a little though.)

lemonie (author)2007-04-30

It's different, and I've got plenty of old shoes. But I am thinking of 'shoe smell'... L

brendanconnal (author)lemonie2007-04-30

Dear Lemonie, Well, it is good to receive your comments again. Most of us do have old shoes, which just get tossed away, so I guess as well as inducting people into the ways of the Luchador, I am also helping to save the environment - great! Maybe for the smell you could use some disinfectant, but I really think for continuity you should use odour eaters. I would be interested to learn of any other suggestions that you might have. Hope to hear from you soon. Brendan

lemonie (author)brendanconnal2007-05-03

I think I may try to use old shoes, maybe put them through the wash first... L

mud_dann (author)2007-05-03

hey man.....calvin and hobbes would say the same thing...not to mention make jack black proud too! lol...thx for the reply

mud_dann (author)2007-05-02 my friend..are one creative dude...hope you post something more like this soon *bookmarked it*...keep up the good work...

brendanconnal (author)mud_dann2007-05-02

Dear mud_dann, Wow, such high praise, thank you. I think that anyone that has a Calvin and Hobbs icon is probably exactly the kind of audience that I want for my projects. I do have a few other interesting ideas in the works, it is just all a matter of finding time. I hope that you will

royalestel (author)2007-04-30

Wow. First of all, i love this. But for some odd reason I can edit it. Did you make it a collaboration by chance?

brendanconnal (author)royalestel2007-04-30

Dear royalestel, Thanks for your comment. As a matter of fact I did make it a collaboration. I think (well, I hope) that I did a pretty good job on this project, but it can be made better with the help of the people out there adding their ideas too. Maybe you can put in a few tips - they would be more than welcome. I hope to see your comments again on my future projects. Brendan

royalestel (author)brendanconnal2007-05-01

Aha, well then, polite guy, I do have a suggestion for an improvment. I was thinking to myself that this would probably chafe after a while. So how about gluing in some liner fabric like a cheap satin or something?

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