First of all, this is not my idea, it was my friend's. Second of all, if you are stupid enough to hurt yourself or others with this gun, I am not responsible.

Can't afford a good sidearm when you're out hunting people with your teammates? Now you can! This may be one of the easiest thing you have ever created (but not really)!

1. No loading! Just pull the trigger!
3. Easy to make.
4. Compact.

1. Loud.
2. Inaccurate.
3. Time comsuming reload.

Step 1: Stuff You Need

First of all, This is not some $200 project that you will regret you spent money on when you are done, THIS instructable may only cost up to $5 and takes only a few minutes.


1. Black "Detective Special" Cap Gun. (If also has black pistol grip, you are lucky because of it's quality)
2. Screwdriver.
3. Caps.
4. 6mm plastic BBs.
5. 4-6mm thick metal rod.
6. Hot glue gun with glue.

Step 2: Getting Rid of Orange Cap.

To get rid of the orange cap (which is necessary), you have to dig in your screwdriver on the inside of the edge that sticks out. Then, pull your screwdriver outwards, and an edge should tear off. Do that until there are no edges left. Now, open the cap gun, and shove the screw driver into the barrel, and push it until the cap pops out. Don't worry, if the barrel breaks, it does not matter, as it is only used for decoration.

Step 3: Making Sure Everything Works.

Now, take a 6 BBs and put them in each hole of the magazine. Now, use the metal rod to push them all the way down. If one of then falls when you tilt it upside down, use some a tiny drop of hot glue on one side, wait until it dries, and shove the BB back in the magazine. If all works well, you have a perfectly functioning BB sidearm.

HAVE FUN!!! And remember, don't shoot anyone in the head unless they are wearing PROPER headgear.
<p>Here are the best airsoft pistols you can get.. not cheap but they are worth it</p><p>http://worldpremierairsoftcenter.com/best-airsoft-pistols-under-200-for-2015/</p>
<p>you can light them on fire and use them as bombs. </p>
<p>you can light them on fire and use them as bombs. </p>
<p>Tacos are illegal is USA.</p>
i'm pretty sure airsoft guns without orange tips are illegal
Not in Sweden. I have 3, and none have orange tops.
oh ok cuz i live in the US
in the US its illegal
same for canada.
welcome to north america, where everythings illegal
since every thing but breathing is illegal in america buy some orange spray paint and give it a new "tip"
<p><strong>I bet spray paint is illigal there</strong><strong>.</strong></p>
<p>it can be in some places</p>
not yet. but u have to be older than 18 to buy it now.
Really, that sucks... too much tagging?<br />
kinda. also because of the 9/11 attacks. spray paint can be used for certain explosives
that's probably illegal.
that was what i was thinkin
<p>so true so true</p>
lol yep<br />kinda like how we censor&nbsp;(most of)&nbsp;our video games
and nobody does anything about it. seriously, you can get away with tons of stuff here. fireworks, for example. literally public spectacles that are illegal in ohio. giant flares saying "over here!". and when people set them off, nothing.
i know. stupid laws nobody enforces
and euriop <br>
no, as long as there in a case, not being publicly shown its fine, cause some of the uns at the airsoft parks dont have orange tipw
or if they are clear (i think)
they are 5chidori <br>
&nbsp;You could just paint an orange tip on there
they are but it isn't really a airsoft gun just a cap gun that has airsoft bbs in it and not many poeple would use this in a airsoft war unless for a backup backup or you could just use it for target shooting<br /> <br />
they are<br />
<p>i am gonna make it</p>
What's the fps
how bad dose it hurts? nice gun
i think we have to glue the orange thing back on its illegal without it
YA that's why there has to be an orange ring or cap on a bb gun/cap gun becausei t looks realistic to a nearly blind cop.(from a distance)
Its using gun power, i think it qualifys to be lethal :P
powder* <br>
powder* <br>
this is pretty weak.... maybe put gunpowder down there? and this is inaccurate LIKE HELL. you would be lucky if it doesnt blow up in ur hand. :D
That would be the best idea everr! It would only shoot one time because it would probably melt.
Or shatter explosively.
love the irony. putting gunpowder in would make it blow up. definitely.
This is regarded as a firearm, I hope you know that. And not just an airsoft gun, it's regarded as an actual one, because any device that uses explosives meant to launch a projectile is. So, you might want to watch out.
i think that no orange tip is ok bcuz the budk catolog sells them pure black everywhere and in acadamy sports and outdoors has 6mm guns w/ no orange tip
how fast can it go
I have the exact same gun, and i did not remove the safety tip. all i did was drill an opening in the tip with a pocket knife. I suggest that for legal/safety reasons you should repost this ible but leave the orange tip on. That tip might save your life.
Good idea. I did not do that since the low quality plastic is very brittle and might break.

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