Even though I have built many other k'nex guns, this is my first instructable, so don't be mean. It can shoot about 13 feet with one rubber band. Sorry KillerK I kind of took your design. I know it has a block trigger but it couldn't be so small if it had a true trigger. Have fun! Btw: k'nex haters suck!

Step 1: Get the Pieces.

Get these pieces
1 black clip
1 rubberband
1 grey clip
1 orange clip
2 silver rods
1 bluish silver rods
1 short black or green rod
2 grey double connectors

Step 2: Barrel.

Put these together.

Then add this.

Step 3: Trigger.

Slide on this orange connector.

Step 4: More Barrel.

Add on the other side of the barrel over the trigger.

Step 5: More Trigger.

Add this black clip and then this green rod.

Step 6: Firing Pin/Ramrod

Get these and then connect them together.

Step 7: Put It All Together

Put the ramrod in the barrel. Then put on the rubber band.

Step 8: Loading and Ammo.

Pull back………. FIRE!!!! These are different types of ammo. Airsoft pellet, green rod, green rod with blue clip, white rod.

Step 9: Should I Post?

Should I post this? Kind of a copy. This is a hole in wall from KillerK's gun. "Kinda" fuzzy picture.
I made a smaller gun, 7 Pieces! and i shoots airsoft.
how powerfull???? eeewwww block trigger.
There is nothing wrong with block triggers. So what if it isn't just like a gun. The point of knex guns are to make a thing that shoots projectiles. Say yes if you agree with me. Paste this on as many instructables with block triggers if you agree.
(\__/)<br> (='.'=)<br> (&quot;&quot;)(&quot;&quot;) <br>Thatsssss a nic gun youve got there...
great gun pics could be better but im giving you a reasonable 4*
that is a cool mini gun except I lost my ammo :( you owe me $5 now!
Dude these &quot;small&quot; knex guns really are overrated so please just keep the too yourself and dont post them
how do you put the rubber band on
how do you shoot it
I have 1 word and 1 word only to describe this gun...<br /> <strong>FAIL!!</strong>
Ohh. And I heard that killerk is dead.
no he is not i pm him everyday
and he responds
nice mini gun but hard to hold
I found a way to use the better hold your thumb on the side facing you in the picture and 1st finger on then trigger and pretend you are a spy. still great gun i'll give it a 3.5/5
what are 2 no one plays with nerf its airsoft dummy think the oveous small balls
SuperDooper would ya mind posting this gun on my group? Its called Begginer knex guns. I would definetly appreciate it.
Whats that mean?
It means 'Okay'.
wow. Finally the first thing i asked on instructables is answered. LOL
LOL indeed.
if you bothered to look at the 8th picture, you would have noticed that it is a different gun. you shut up
im sorry
this is a gun?
no, its a knex gun. it deosnt use gunpowder.
not all guns run on gunpowder. if so then explain airsoft guns, paint ball guns, rubber band guns, etc
n0 im talking about like bam bam bam shot guns machine guns guns P
what is the 8th pic on the intro?
look at my gun search FHAT
yeah i know really this was made when i was a noob
uhh, yeah i dont think so.
stfu i know this gun suks i made it when i was a noob
at least one person likes it right?
i do. I made like 10 of these and made them slide rapid fire style. Built one and brought it to school. FUN!
No I won't
Heh, very hard to fire for me. P: The little space allowed to be pulled back without it being f***ed up is annoying. Otherwise, I liked it. It had some good firing distance but I don't know about how hard it hits, I've yet to try.
eh, this is kinda old. dont pay any mind. thnx for the comment though.
Yeah I realized. But the only guns I can create or care to comment on are really old. P:

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