SUPER DUPER Mini K'nex Gun 9pcs





Introduction: SUPER DUPER Mini K'nex Gun 9pcs

Even though I have built many other k'nex guns, this is my first instructable, so don't be mean. It can shoot about 13 feet with one rubber band. Sorry KillerK I kind of took your design. I know it has a block trigger but it couldn't be so small if it had a true trigger. Have fun! Btw: k'nex haters suck!

Step 1: Get the Pieces.

Get these pieces
1 black clip
1 rubberband
1 grey clip
1 orange clip
2 silver rods
1 bluish silver rods
1 short black or green rod
2 grey double connectors

Step 2: Barrel.

Put these together.

Then add this.

Step 3: Trigger.

Slide on this orange connector.

Step 4: More Barrel.

Add on the other side of the barrel over the trigger.

Step 5: More Trigger.

Add this black clip and then this green rod.

Step 6: Firing Pin/Ramrod

Get these and then connect them together.

Step 7: Put It All Together

Put the ramrod in the barrel. Then put on the rubber band.

Step 8: Loading and Ammo.

Pull back………. FIRE!!!! These are different types of ammo. Airsoft pellet, green rod, green rod with blue clip, white rod.

Step 9: Should I Post?

Should I post this? Kind of a copy. This is a hole in wall from KillerK's gun. "Kinda" fuzzy picture.



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    I made a smaller gun, 7 Pieces! and i shoots airsoft.

    There is nothing wrong with block triggers. So what if it isn't just like a gun. The point of knex guns are to make a thing that shoots projectiles. Say yes if you agree with me. Paste this on as many instructables with block triggers if you agree.

    Thatsssss a nic gun youve got there...

    great gun pics could be better but im giving you a reasonable 4*

    that is a cool mini gun except I lost my ammo :( you owe me $5 now!

    Dude these "small" knex guns really are overrated so please just keep the too yourself and dont post them

    how do you shoot it

    I have 1 word and 1 word only to describe this gun...

    no he is not i pm him everyday

    I found a way to use the better hold your thumb on the side facing you in the picture and 1st finger on then trigger and pretend you are a spy. still great gun i'll give it a 3.5/5

    what are 2 no one plays with nerf its airsoft dummy think the oveous small balls

    SuperDooper would ya mind posting this gun on my group? Its called Begginer knex guns. I would definetly appreciate it.

    2 replies