Introduction: SUPER EASY SCREEN PRINTING From Hectanooga1 on Youtube


porklips (author)2013-01-11

I like how quick and dirty this is. Would you suggest securing the screen to the shirt with tape to prevent shifting?

Emiemi (author)porklips2013-01-11

I haven't had any problems with shifting.... but it's easy to hold onto the "frame" if that were so... once the paint gets through the screen at all, it takes on a grab, sort of like suction. If your're worried about it though, I guess you could practice on an old item of clothing, or even on paper towels to get a feel for it.

Emiemi (author)2013-01-10

This is my work!

Kiteman (author)Emiemi2013-01-10

OK - the wording your title madeitsoubd likesonebody else's.

Emiemi (author)Kiteman2013-01-10

Thanks! Hectanooga1 is my own youtube tutorial channel.

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