Wrap the cloth around the collar and glue it.
I glued Velcro on the end of the cloth to attach the power supply.
Well, you should have tested it by now to prove that it works.


Now put the Super Fantastic LED Dog Collar on your dog .
<p>Nice! I have a little light tag for Fiokki for when we go out at night. I think I'd leave her regular collar on and attach this with a strong velcro collar. Don't want the bumpy keys to make her uncomfortable.</p>
I came to your ible and my dog literally begged me for an LED collar, so, I'm making one!
<p>This a great way to help your dog get his/her geek on!! Four paws up!</p>
Hey I really like this post, I bet it will help cars see my dog when im walking him at night, im always worried about that because people drive way too fast in my neighborhood. http://leddogcollars.blogspot.com site is also pretty cool if anyone wants to check it out.<br />
My supercool doggie needs one of these, she just doesn't know it yet. Absolutely adorable, geeky, funny, wonderful! Love it1
These are a great idea. I'm a cyclist and I was able not to run a black dog over cos it was wearing one of these on a dark night in a park.
but actually how long the Battery will last. I doubt as it may be a temporary project.
I forgot to mention that I really like the idea of spelling the dog's name and/or phone number with the keys. Brilliant. p.s. sorry, Odessa, for the gender bender.
On a really dark, moonless night. Take Odessa out and let her run. At the same time, put your camera on a tripod with the shutter wide open for 10 or 15 seconds.<br/><br/>You will a nice piece of Odessa created LED light doodle art!<br/><br/><a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/LED-Light-Drawing-Pens-Tools-for-drawing-light-do/">https://www.instructables.com/id/LED-Light-Drawing-Pens-Tools-for-drawing-light-do/</a><br/>
That, my friend, is a good idea! BTW, Odessa is a boy. Shh! Don't tell him he has a girls name.
I am planning to do this with my dogs!
This could also work for cats. Anyways, awesome Instructable. Pictures are just great, the detail and instructions are very easy to follow, great job. You also used resistors. Good idea, a lot of people forget to add them in. Very nicely done Instructable! +1 rating.
why are the resistors needed when the LED works fine without them? Is it so they don't get too much power?
They'll burn out really quick. And funny picture you have. :P
Okay and thanks lol...its my demon piggy bank (which i dont even use anymore. its painted in tipp-ex and has sum graffiti aswell. It was hard getting those LEDs in there but worht it.
Oh. Haha, thanks for telling me, I might try it out, it looks awesome (and funny). :P
With a 9V battery and 3 LEDs in series, that would make 9 / 3 = 3V each (approximately - the battery voltage may be a bit over or under 9V depending on the condition and current being drawn from it).<br/><br/>3V is probably a bit high for a (standard) green LED. The 'typical' forward voltage might be rated at something like 2.5V. They do vary between types of LED, though, even within one colour.<br/><br/>You could probably run it at 3V, but it might draw too much current from the battery with 9 being powered at once. It might also be painfully bright (depending on the LED type) and the LED would likely not last as long, especially if the increased current overheated it.<br/><br/>Unless you have an application that requires a really bright light, it's usually best to run LEDs quite a bit below their typical voltage (and therefore current) to avoid overheating, and it'll also mean that the batteries run far longer.<br/>
why not put somekind of magnet and coil and recharge it by the dog walking.
Great Instructable! I really like the idea of using keyboard keys to simultaneously house the LEDs and put a name on the collar. Good work. By the way, Odessa's an unusual name for a dog - where did that come from?
Odessa is the name of the city I am from originally.Plus Ice-T played "Odessa" in the movie Ricochet;)
Thanks for the positive feedback.
Yes--Super Fantastic indeed.

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