Hi, I'm new, so don't get cranky if I stuff it all up. This Instructable is much better than all of the rest! This method uses batch to hide files. The hidden files are completely search-proof. (i.e even if you search for them, no results will come up.)

Step 1: Creating the Program

O.k. Open up notepad. Copy the following into notepad:

@echo OFF
title Super Hidden Files Creator - By James

echo Password...
set/p "com=>"
if %com%==unlock goto ALLOW
echo WRONG!
echo Choose Your Fate...
echo 1. ???
echo 2. Delete all of your documents.
echo Type 1 or 2
pause >nul
shutdown -im -r
goto End

color C
color 7
echo Name of the folder
set/p "fol=>"
if EXIST %fol% goto SELECT
if notEXIST %fol% GOTO notfound

ECHO File Not FOund
goto End

echo Hide/Unhide [h/u]
set/p "com=>"
if %com%==h goto HIDE
if %com%==u goto UNHIDE

attrib %fol% +s +h
goto End
echo Enter password to Unlock folder
set/p "pass=>"
if NOT %pass%==unlock goto FAIL
attrib %fol% -s -h
goto End

echo Invalid password
goto End


Step 2: Finally...

Finally save it and change the file extension (.txt) to .bat
Open it up, type in 'unlock' without the quotes. After it comes up with ACCESS GRANTED, type in the file that you want to hide. (the file must not have any spaces, and the batch file that you just created must be in the same folder/Directory as the file you want to hide). Once you have typed in the name of the file that you want to hide (and pressed enter), type h and press enter.

To Unhide...

Open up the batch file, get to the area where it says name of file. Type the file that you hid and press u.


P.S. I have had a comment asking for help. I cannot help you or anyone else who asks. You can download the program and follow on using this step.


<p>i i don't know how to use this program :( can you make some tutorial or pict about this?</p>
<p>i i don't know how to use this program :( can you make some tutorial or pict about this?</p>
<p>i i don't know how to use this program :( can you make some tutorial or pict about this?</p>
helpppp. my usb i used this ructable. i thought it was great until the diasster. i have heaps and heaps of games i download and im trying to hide them from my mum, she will kill me if she finds them but thats not important. i accidentaly deleted the shortcut batchfile from my usb while my folder of games was hidden. i also forgot the folder name and now i cant get back my games file. is there a way that using comand prompt you can get the folder back. help. im sure someone else will encounter this problem sooner or later son help.
my one is awesome <br> <br>@echo off <br>title Super Hidden Folders Creator- By Michael. <br> <br>echo Identify. <br>set/p &quot;com=&gt;&quot; <br>if %com%==I'm-Awesome goto ALLOW <br>pause <br> <br>:ALLOW <br>pause <br>cls <br>echo I Know! <br>echo File Name... <br>set/p &quot;fol=&gt;&quot; <br>if EXIST %fol% goto SELECT <br>if NOTEXIST %fol% goto NOTFOUND <br> <br>:NOTFOUND <br>echo File Not Found. <br>pause <br>goto END <br> <br>:SELECT <br>echo Hide/Unhide? [Hide/Unhide] <br>set/p &quot;com=&gt;&quot; <br>if %com%==Hide goto HIDE <br>if %com%==Unhide goto UNHIDE <br> <br>:HIDE <br>attrib %fol% +s +h <br>goto END <br> <br>:UNHIDE <br>echo Password. <br>set/p &quot;pass=&gt;&quot; <br>if NOT %pass%==irule goto FAIL <br>attrib %fol% -s -h <br>ping localhost -n 3 &gt;nul <br>echo Unlocked Succesfully. <br>goto END <br> <br>:FAIL <br>echo Incorrect. <br>pause <br>goto END <br> <br>:END <br>pause <br>exit <br> <br>instead of it saying well done or the original thing it says i know which is cool when the password is I'm-Awesome. it says 'I know.' <br> <br>try it out. <br>(second password is irule.)
Ok... Awesome instructable. Helped me learn batch.<br>But, Great as it is, i did find a few, just a few, flaws:<br>1. When the file isnt found, it doesnt go to the NOTFOUND part of the script.<br>2. It ends a little suddenly, as in, if you type it wrong, it just ends, instead of telling you.<br>3. The access granted screen is red, so more than once, i thought i messed up.<br>4. It gives you the option of shutting down the computer, now, whos gonna say yes to that, instead of just x'ing out?<br><br>So, i added a few things.<br>1. Got rid of the shut down.<br>2. Made a &quot;press any key&quot; screen before it ends.<br>3. Made a timer on the unlocking, so it stalls 3 seconds.(makes it slicker)<br>4. A couple other things i cant remember.<br><br>Here's the code:<br><br>@echo off<br>title Super Hidden Folders Creator- By James, Edited by Wesfletch<br><br>echo Identify.<br>set/p &quot;com=&gt;&quot;<br>if %com%==&quot;password here&quot; goto ALLOW<br>pause<br><br>:ALLOW<br>pause<br>cls<br>echo Well Done.<br>echo File Name...<br>set/p &quot;fol=&gt;&quot;<br>if EXIST %fol% goto SELECT<br>if NOTEXIST %fol% goto NOTFOUND<br><br>:NOTFOUND<br>echo File Not Found.<br>pause<br>goto END<br><br>:SELECT<br>echo Hide/Unhide? [Hide/Unhide]<br>set/p &quot;com=&gt;&quot;<br>if %com%==Hide goto HIDE<br>if %com%==Unhide goto UNHIDE<br><br>:HIDE<br>attrib %fol% +s +h<br>goto END<br><br>:UNHIDE<br>echo Password.<br>set/p &quot;pass=&gt;&quot;<br>if NOT %pass%==&quot;2nd Password Here&quot; goto FAIL<br>attrib %fol% -s -h<br>ping localhost -n 3 &gt;nul<br>echo Unlocked Succesfully.<br>goto END<br><br>:FAIL<br>echo Incorrect.<br>pause<br>goto END<br><br>:END<br>pause<br>exit <br><br>(remember to put your own passwords)<br>There it is!!!!<br>Happy Batching<br> -WesFletch
There is only one flaw I found. If you need to hide a document in a folder and you use this, it may be search-proof, but it shows up in the Recent Documents list. Everything besides recently edited documents are 100% secure.
Yes really its helpfull for all of us.Thanks again. I have first time found the original solution of this Super hidden mater. Thanks.
Thank you,<br/>I have been looking for a tutorial like this for a long time<br/><strong>!!AWESOME!!</strong><br/><br/>
That's ok. If you want to look for other things, google them. Yahoo answers is also a good source!
Awesome! I've been waiting for this so no one can blow my cover.
wow very nice... i like it... 10 / 10 where u learn that??
Off the internet and other instructables. Basically i taught my self
im working on batch and c++ <sup>im not very good </sup><br/>but you need to break the bat file down and explain how it works<br/>
i cant find the file after first save.
What? Saving the program or hiding the file
neither... after i saved it i couldnt find it to open it =)<br/>
please read the little message at the very end of this instructable. Please download the file. I seriously cannot help you. Im so sorry. AND IT WAS MY FIRST INSTRUCTABLE TOO.
Whats weird about the picture?
It's just weird having the photo of the program when I just gave you the program
oh... i dont think that's weird though......
Ok, I just thought it was weird...
I've included a alarm now, and the alarm is VERY hard to mute<br/><br/>@echo OFF<br/>title Super Hidden Files Creator - By James<br/><br/>echo Password...<br/>set/p &quot;com=&gt;&quot;<br/>if %com%==bloodfever goto ALLOW<br/>echo WRONG!<br/>goto alarm<br/><br/>:ALLOW<br/>color C<br/>cls<br/>echo ACCESS GRANTED<br/>pause<br/>cls<br/>color 7<br/>echo Name of the folder<br/>set/p &quot;fol=&gt;&quot;<br/>if EXIST %fol% goto SELECT<br/>if notEXIST %fol% GOTO notfound<br/><br/>:notfound<br/>ECHO File Not Found<br/>pause<br/>goto End<br/><br/>:SELECT<br/>echo Hide/Unhide h/u<br/>set/p &quot;com=&gt;&quot;<br/>if %com%==h goto HIDE<br/>if %com%==u goto UNHIDE<br/><br/>:HIDE<br/>echo Enter password to hide folder<br/>set/p &quot;hij=&gt;&quot;<br/>if NOT %hij%==bloodfever goto alarm<br/>attrib %fol% +s +h<br/>goto End<br/><br/>:UNHIDE<br/>echo Enter password to unlock folder<br/>set/p &quot;pass=&gt;&quot;<br/>if NOT %pass%==bloodfever goto alarm<br/>attrib %fol% -s -h<br/>goto End<br/><br/>:alarm<br/><br/>cls<br/>goto alarm<br/><br/>:End<br/>exit<br/>
That's cool! Thanks!
if the file has spaces in it then you can put it in quotation marks around it like "this" and then it will count it as one name.
can you change the password on this
Change the ending (on the program) from .bat to .txt. Open it up. At the top somewhere there will be a bit of code saying if %com%==unlock goto ALLOW.<br/>The unlock bit is the password. Change it to what ever you want as long as it has a space between the end of the password and the goto ALLOW bit.<br/>Thanks for asking!<br/>
ok, thanks

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