Step 6: prep the case

the main modifications you must make are hole for the speaker and trimming some unnecessary plastic bits.

first step, grind down the ring on the back case , once that is grinned smooth use a power drill and drill a circle pattern like i did where your speaker will fit. then grind the post on the right that help support the circuitboard that helps make room for the record button then drill a hole where you would like to mount the reset button.

now on the front pannel grind down the tabs on the d-pad and glue the d-pad in place let dry.
Hm... Reminds me of a certain web comic called Captain SNES... They use the same belt buckle, but it is the ULTIMATE WEAPON of 16-BIT GAMING!!!
funny you say that, i just bought a rare sega controller... i cheated on my snes lol
thanks man
This doesn't work for me. :(
what didn't work? you couldn't find a sound chip to fit inside of it or you soldered it wrong or couldn't get the right buckle or what?

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