SUPER Ninja Mini Grapple Hook Gun





Introduction: SUPER Ninja Mini Grapple Hook Gun

How to make a VERY powerful mini grappling gun. It is a MUST for any ninja of for surviving a zombie apocalypse.

The actual gun part of this project was designed by nonickname

Step 1: Making the Gun

Instructions for the gun part are on nonamenicks page

Sorry for bad quality pics

Step 2: Grappling Hook

take some thick wire and bend it to look like the picture but if it is to thick it wont bend easily. also make sure that the hole can fit into the barrel. BTW coat hanger wire works but is VERY hard to bend tight corners.

When you have the hook done attach a string(this thing is powerful so make it how ever long you want (kinda)

Step 3: Put It All Together

tie on the string and attach to gun.
put a tissue wad in breech of barrell
spray in flammable stuffs
put hook in barrel



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Using coat hangers is a lot better that a bunch of paperclips too. It is difficult wrapping the coat hanger, but for more support ( if u want) you could wrap another coat hanger to double the strength and support the hook could withstand

Is there any instructable to make a pocket sized grappling hook that CAN ACTUALLY SUPPORT HUMAN weight???

im very confused on the assembly of this fine mechanism so how do you put it together

cool I am going to make one

wait how do i get to the instructions??

the gun part is by nonickname go on his page and you should see it

sorry but im kinda new :\ how do i do that?

you can type his username in the search box or use the link to the instructable here