This is a concept for a next generation spacecraft. Its name originated from its purpose, it will be able to go beyond the stars, the second "r" in the word stars originated from the comet Pan-Starrs. The spacecraft runs on solar energy to power all her 8 powerful electric engines, the model was designed using Autodesk 123D Beta 9. You may ask, how does it turn, I will answer it turns alright, by reducing the power in each engine on one side it will slow down that side causing the spacecraft to turn (ON THE EARTH). In space her engines and smaller invisible boosters (similar to the Space Shuttle) turn to the direction controlled and it uses gyroscopes to turn in any direction. As for the cockpit, it is designed inside the body of the aircraft. It could also be a remote control drone that flies anywhere!



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It looks good on paper but I do agree with others that it is not going to work in space.

One big problem with your turning idea. Since there is no drag in space there will be no way to turn it. Look it up. You will still have to have booster rocket's on it to turn it. Turn the engines to props and it would be a massive ship for the water. Also I'm not a rocket scientist but I don't think you can make a rocket power with solar power. You would have to have fuel still to burn. Great 3& though would look good in a game.

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The spacecraft/aircraft designed to fly in space and on Earth. The engines can turn and the is help to turn from the booster jets (similar to the Space Shuttle). Also, I forgot to mention that the engines are electric therefore the are solar powered.

Yeah, you'd still need something for the engines to "push" against though. In atmosphere the solar engines could operate jet engines, but in space, as redfox says, you would need "reaction" fuel, even if that was only gases heated by your solar engines. It is similar to blowing up a balloon and letting it go. You could use the same gases for your booster jets to turn the ship.

But what happens once you leave the solar system? You still need reserve power as redfoxtrystman said before. He isnt a rocket scientist, however I am pretty close. You would need major modifications to run that baby

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There are other stars and it can store a lot of fuel.