If you made a new years resolution to use that exercise ball & plethora of fitness magazines, here is your chance! These Super easy chairs are made with simple supplies and minimal skills. Any average joe/mario can do it! They are perfect for reading nooks and themed rooms. The theme I've chosen is Super Mario Bros (for my nephew) but the concept and techniques in this instructable can be adapted to suite your own unique style or theme. 

Provided are instructions for:
Easy Scoop Chairs (chain chomp & piranha plant)
Easy Pillow Top Chair or Ottoman (1-up & koopa shell)
Easy Toy Container (Bob-omb)

Step 1: Your Design

I wanted to enter the furniture contest but I have very little wood working supplies and tools in that department, so I stuck to what I do have a lot of, and that's garbage. In general these chairs are constructed out of a fabric coated paper mache scoop, a plastic base, and some detailing. Before selecting your supplies however, you'll want to have a game plan. Since I wanted to leave your minds open to your own Ideas I decided to include some design tips that I've learned along the way. (This project was definitely a trial & error process)

 Here are a few things to keep in mind:

~The hight of the base~ If you want the chair to be used primarily for children use a shorter base (like on the chain chomp). For adults you will want to use a taller base (piranha plant) This makes it easier for them to climb in and out of. 

~The bottom width of the base~ Be sure that the base you choose is fairly wide to prevent tipping. (top heavy) If it is not you can add some width with a plastic serving plater or lid like I did.

~The shape of the scoop~ If you are designing it for children you can have a fuller sphere like I've done here. If it is going to be for an adult a more open shape/hemisphere works better for comfort purposes. 

*If you are still having trouble getting past the Mario Bros theme here are a few design adaptations I had in mind for a hemisphere scoop: Flowers, Watermelon, Orange, lemon slice, Cereal/ soup bowl, & patch work/ quilt scoop. These are just a few to get the ball rolling in your mind.

This is awesome! Thanks for posting this. My son loves yoshi and this will go great in his room. Now maybe he will sleep in his own room and get out of my bed. :)
<p>yes. As a parent I especially liked the turtle shell as hidden storage. Good luck with the bedroom situation though. I'm still working on that with my kids. :)</p>
Love these!!! Id love to make some
I adore these!!!
Thanks! It's fun to make things from &quot;garbage&quot; &amp; household items. To bad I published it before the gamer challenge! :(
i totally want a piranha-plant chair!
1-up for a project well done! ;)
Thanks guys! They are lots of fun to build. My problem was, I had more ideas for different designs then I had time, or use for. :)<br>
these are so cute!
How fun! I love them!

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