Step 7: Pillow Top: Construction

To construct the 1-up chair:
*paint your design on the tub & top it with a clear finish.
*Cut your 54" square into a 54" circle.
*Cut out 5 felt circles (or whatever details fit your design)
*Top stitch your felt details onto the large fleece circle
*Fold over about a 1 inch hem and sew the edge around the entire circle leaving about a 1 inch opening for the elastic.
*Thread your elastic through the opening completely around the circle.
*Sew together the ends of the elastic to secure them.
*Sew shut the 1" opening (optional)
*Fill the base & mushroom top with your soft stuffing material & the base with your storage stuff.
OPTIONAL: Fill just the top and add the garbage can lid as a divider if you are storing irregular shaped things or leaving the bottom empty.
*Flip the top onto the base and pull the elastic down around the rim of the tub.

Its finished!
I designed it this way so that the filling is easily replaceable and accessed, and so the chair is dually purposed.

*The koopa shell ottoman is done by using these same techniques on a rectangular storage tote.

This is awesome! Thanks for posting this. My son loves yoshi and this will go great in his room. Now maybe he will sleep in his own room and get out of my bed. :)
<p>yes. As a parent I especially liked the turtle shell as hidden storage. Good luck with the bedroom situation though. I'm still working on that with my kids. :)</p>
Love these!!! Id love to make some
I adore these!!!
Thanks! It's fun to make things from &quot;garbage&quot; &amp; household items. To bad I published it before the gamer challenge! :(
i totally want a piranha-plant chair!
1-up for a project well done! ;)
Thanks guys! They are lots of fun to build. My problem was, I had more ideas for different designs then I had time, or use for. :)<br>
these are so cute!
How fun! I love them!

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