SUPER Powerful Nerf Titan Scatter Cannon!

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Introduction: SUPER Powerful Nerf Titan Scatter Cannon!

This is how to mod your nerf titan to shoot over close to 200 ft.
You first need:
1.A titan
2.Duct tape
3.A mavreick barrel
4.Longshot pistol barrel.
5.A small flat head screwdriver.
6.A Dremel.
We got work to do.

Step 1:

First you need to take out the ars in the gun. There should be little vent like things. Take those out with a screwdriver. Then take a dremel and sand it to make it a hole to fit the barrel. 

Step 2:

Now take you Mavrecick barrel and roll duct tape around it. Then shove it in to the titan's barrel.

Step 3:

Then just stick the longshot barrel  over the mavricks.

Step 4:

Now you are finshed. All you have to do shoot it is to put one bullet in the mavricks barrel and pump it. Or to make it a scatter cannon put 4 darts in then pump and fire. So there you have it a scatter cannon.



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    If you take off the longshot pistol barrel, can you shoot single shot?

    Yes, because the top barrel (Which I believe he is using) and the firing section do not overlap.

    Can you remove the maverick and longshot barrel so you can shoot the rockets as well?

    Will the maverick still work, or will it become scrap parts?

    Yes it becomes scrap.

    Good job!, i wish i had a titan, im prity sure it is the most powerfull Nerf gun out thayer right?


    so is the longshot barrel removable so you can take it off to put the dart in then put it back on? and i assume you mean 200 feet angled, not flat, right?

    yes and yes