This project has evolved over the last few years. I wanted a cart to carry all of my surf fishing gear and beach paraphernalia. I had seen other people with such carts, however, they seemed to be for solo operators whereas I always had my kids gear to tote to the beach as well. I just needed something bigger and cheaper as well.

Today's cart is also a trailer for pulling behind my beach bike, as shown in the photo, however, there is a handle for pulling by hand indicated later in this Instructable.

Link to bike project:

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Step 1: Basic Frame

Picture of Basic Frame
The basic frame is constructed of 1 1/2" X 1 1/2" aluminum angle. That's what I had laying around.
I figured what the overall dimensions I needed for my large cooler, tackle box and a large bucket for the basic frame rectangle.
The corners were clamped tightly, then drilled and screwed. This seems to be adequate for the connection after several years.
I added a length of angle across the frame near where the axle would go, for added stiffness.

Step 2: Handle

Picture of Handle
For the handle, I used a length of electrical conduit, EMT to be specific.
I ran the length of the frame, underneath and then used a conduit bender to get the curvature I needed.
I hammered the conduit a bit flat along the length under the frame so that it would have less of a tendency to roll, then drilled and screwed it to the frame at the front and back.
I used machine screws with wing nuts here so that the handle could be removed for transport.
I added two narrow aluminum straps from the handle to the front frame member as diagonal braces, also attached using machine screws with wing nuts.

badger641 year ago
I believe you stated that you built the single wheel cart because you had difficulty pulling this one through the sand. Did the tires not work well in the sand? I am in the process of building a similar cart but it will be pulled by hand not a bicycle. I ended up finding similar wheels and tires to what you have on yours. Before I get too far I want to know if I'm wasting my time. Any feedback would be great. Thanks.
marple200 (author)  badger641 year ago
I'm thinking a larger diameter wheel will do better for the heavier load. Harbor Freight has 10" and 13" pneumatic wheels for fairly cheap. Smaller tires get caught in soft sand easier. Good luck.
Thanks for the tip!
marple200 (author)  badger641 year ago
The single wheel was much wider and larger diameter which made travel across sand easier for the large loads I was carrying.
The single wheeled cart also had a smaller payload area. This cart had a fairly large payload area, much larger than the surf-fishing hand carts I have seen. Larger area means I'm going to carry more stuff, just because I can.
The smaller wheels would work fine for a smaller (more normal size) cart.
I appreciate you taking the time to reply. Thank you. I have been told, several times, that I don't do anything small. I guess I figure if I'm going to take the time to do something I might as will go big with it. My intent for the cart that I am building is for it to be able to carry a large cooler, fishing poles, fishing gear, beach chairs, etc. So it will probably be larger than a "normal" size cart. I have seen the (expensive) smooth, balloon type tires and wheels online. I am trying to build mine on the cheap. Under $50. Is your cart very difficult to pull through the sand or only kind of difficult? I am hoping that my wife will be able to pull the cart by herself if she decides to go to the beach on any given day without me. Thanks again for your reply and the information.
Using the swivel caster is genius! I'm going to convert my parent's old adult trike into a trailer. My concern was the turn radius, as I lean on my bike in the turns. Simply hooking the front forks of the trike to the rear forks of my bike won't do. I'll have to try this swivel caster idea! Thanks for a well-documented instructable!
that hitch is utterly brilliant, wonderful job.
awesome cycle (Monstike)
CluthaDubh3 years ago
That is insane! Love it!
marple200 (author)  CluthaDubh3 years ago
More cool stuff to come.
It's all wonderful.
But the square caster as a trailer hitch is legendary.
As is hairspray as rubber glue.
Thanks for the inspiration.
you should put an engine on the bike
joesmith994 years ago
(removed by author or community request)
marple200 (author)  joesmith994 years ago
Thanks. It could use some improvements now that I have used it a few years. I'll get to that after my other projects
maevonnie4 years ago
Haha, you are so creative! This must be so fun to take to go fishing especially with your kids, they must love you for that! I am so impressed with your gumption to make one!
JohnMichael4 years ago
Is that black tubing on steel conduit still comfortable when it has been sitting in the sun?
marple200 (author)  JohnMichael4 years ago
Not really. It's bicycle inner tube. It gets a little hot, but not so much you can't handle it
DrVibes4 years ago
Very nice! I want to build one!
leigh1234 years ago it possible to get instructions for the bike too?
marple200 (author)  leigh1234 years ago

I'm glad you like them. I'm working on ideas for some mods to improve both, just needs some funds.

Share your pics when completed.

Please give "stars" for both projects if you wouldn't mind.
leigh1234 years ago
Holy Mother of Mullet...THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT I'M DYING TO BUILD!!!!!
Been sitting her for a couple of hours just searching and surfing for
the ultimate fishing cart...and this with the bike is just too cool.
I hope I can decipher the instructions cuz I really really really want
to do this..
Your very crafty!!!  You could make a mint off of these.

Right on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I 'm Glad that you did this one two ive serched and searched for a long time to find one like this. But didnt want to pay the high price for one made at the store yours is great! Thanks for showing us how you did it. This is great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I will be building one almost like this here in the next week. I'll send you a post.

marple200 (author)  myoutdoorworld5 years ago
I'm glad I could be of assistance.
Youve been more then that marple as soon as I get the cash to build one ill send you the pic
knife1415 years ago

I was really impressed at your big wheel bike project, now you've added a cart!  Gonna have to build one of these someday.  Great work!

great ible! have u ever carried a kid in there?
that would be so fun....