Step 3: THE MEAT

If you get your tuna steaks frozen, you will need to thaw them. This takes about 5 minutes. put the wrapped steaks into a bowl and turn on the faucet to allow lukewarm water to run over the fish for a few minutes. It should be thawed soon.

Release the steaks from their plastic prisons and prepare to slice. There are professional methods of slicing tuna and then there is MY method. I cut the tuna into slices about 1/4 inch thick or less. Your tuna steak will be a triangle. I start at the wide end opposite the smallest point and cut it all the way down. Leave no strip behind. Your longer slices, about three inches to two inches, will be used in the sushi. The smaller pieces can be eaten with soy or sriachi or simply straight. Set your tuna on a plate and put it aside.

Crab leg portions. Cut the piece in half lengthwise. VOILA! Crab leg strips. As per the rest of the ible, Set these onto the meat plate and set it aside.

Salmon should already be in slices if it is smoked salmon. If you bought fresh then prepare it  just as you did the tuna. PLATE>>>>>ASIDE.

You should be about 15 minutes into your prep at this time.

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