You need a dry and flat surface to roll sushi. A sushi mat is essential as well. Clean your knife and get ready to roll. 

Your rice should be cool enough to handle at this point. Locate the glass of ice water and add ice if needed. Lay out the sushi mat and place a single sheet of nori on the DRY mat. 
Dip your hands in the ice water and shake off the excess. Grab some rice. About the size of a jumbo egg. Possibly a bit more. Spread it evenly along the bottom half of the nori sheet. This will be the base. It needs to be only 1 or 2 rice grains thick. VERY thin layer. Next is adding your ingredients. This can be done as you see fit. There is no set recipe for sushi rolls. 

Here are a few of my combos. 
Crab, Avocado, Cream cheese.
Tuna, Cream cheese, Scallions.
Tuna, Salmon, Avocado.
Tuna, Salmon, Mango.
Any order you want. Make it how you like it.

Now I know I said anything you like but.....If you just pile it in the middle, you will have a hard time rolling it.
All ingredients should be evenly distributed along the entire roll. 

They see me rollin, They hatin.....SORRY!.

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