Prepare your wasabi per package instructions.
Put your sauces in their little containers and prepare to slice rolls.

Grab a roll and put it on your cutting surface.
Pull your Excalibur knife from it's ice water stone.
Slice your roll in half to make 2 four inch rolls. It is important to NOT saw your rolls but to use a SHARP knife to cut in one slicing motion.
Now turn 1 half of the roll so it is along side the other half. You should be able to get 3 cuts out of the two halves so that each roll gives 8 pieces. 
Eat it how you like it. Enjoy spending $15 dollars and getting 6 or 7 rolls. Or go out and drop $6 to $12 dollars per roll at a sushi joint. 

BAMotumbo3 years ago
This is simply the best way to make sushi.

Melton taught me this method one evening, and i've been hooked ever since.

And one night he even brought me some to work.

I <3 Melton.