SUV With Suspension





Introduction: SUV With Suspension

This is my first slideshow on instructables. this is the SUV I build. its a 2000 isuzu vehicross that I made from a hot wheels version. I made some changes to it though. it has an independent front suspension that turns, and its durable. it has huge tires. It also has doors that can open and close, a hood that open and closes, and a trunk that open and closes. and last but not least, it has an engine (not a working engine). I hope you like it.



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    I love your SUV. It's way better than what I can do.

    Hi . its epic and a unique design but no offence it needs little attention to the back of your SUV . Everything else is superb .

    this design is really old lol. becides, i just built it so i can have something to put on instructables lol. but thanks though for your input

    it is pretty cool but (please no offense) it looks kinda like a minivan all jacked high up than an suv

    hey, no offense taken man, its cool. one of my early models tho, i could do wayy better because i build differently now, and i have access to more parts. but thanks for the comment :)

    If you plan to keep that model together yyo should spray paint the rods and connectors black. Take paper and clear plastic and cover the thing up to make it look like an actual car.

    i built this over 2 years ago, so its been took apart. but thanks for the tip though