In this Instructable I will show you how to change out the original long barrel (22") in your A&K SVD for a shorter barrel of your choice. I replaced the original barrel with a 9" barrel left over from a broken shotgun, but any decently sized available barrel should work just fine. My SVD shoots just as accurately, if not more accurately, with the shorter barrel. However, if your rifle doesn't perform quite as admirably, this mod is by no means permanent, and putting the original barrel back into the gun is a fairly easy process. The finished mod will resemble a suppressed sniper rifle as shown in picture 2.

For this project, I used:

- Metric Hex keys

- Dremel tool and/or drill

- Metal file

- Electrical tape

- Nerf dart

- 9" airsoft barrel

- 9" PVC (1 3/8" interior diameter)

-2" PVC (1 1/16" interior diameter)

- Large rubber washer

Please note that I completed this modification and then went back and created this Instructable, so every single picture here is after the mod has been completed.

Step 1: Removing the Handguard

To remove the handguard you will first need to loosen the small set screw as pictured below.
When this has been removed, you must then flip the pin on the right side of the gun forward towards the muzzle of the rifle, then pull it out completely.

Note: If your SVD is an older model, you gun may not have a set screw to remove, so simply remove the pin.

After you have pulled the pin, you can slide the small metal pan forward off of the handguard and separate the guard into 2 pieces, removing it completely from the gun. Your rifle should now resemble the third picture.
<p>That is nice. I want to make something similar to this but from aluminum. I download blueprint of the VSS silencer. So I make something like a cross between SVD and VSS...</p>
Nice instructable! I did basically the same up till adding the suppressor, I used marine aluminium for the suppressor, kept the rear sight, added a new front sight, and added a sling mount. Your instructable was very helpful when I was disassembling the gun and also for the actual idea.
That looks like an awesome sniper