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Turn an unloved sweatshirt into this handy shopping bags in less than an hour!

Step 1:

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Start by pressing and laying out flat with shoulder seams lined up....

Step 2:

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Cut off the sleeves using the seams as a guide...

Step 3:

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Cut a big "U" shape out of the neckline...

Step 4:

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Turn inside out, remove ribbing, sew opening closed (I curved my corners), then turn right side out again....

Step 5:

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Now for the handles. Cut 2 x 7" sections from the ribbing you just removed....

Step 6:

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Fold in half lengthwise and serge (you could also zig zag or stretch stitch) all the way along the open edge. Look what it does! Cuurves into a perfect handle shape!

Step 7:

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Feed one side of a handle through the tube...

Step 8:

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Secure/stitch the 2 handle/strap pieces together...

Step 9:

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Then slide the tube of ribbing over the join to hide it and distribute evenly. Repeat for both handles....

Step 10:

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and you're done!

The beauty of this is that it provides a little more structure and support to what would otherwise be rather stretchy handles, which has kinda what put me off the idea of T Shirt bags in the past. Plus sweatshirt fabric is sturdier to begin with. I think this bag could take a few fresh apples and bananas without breaking into a sweat (unintentional pun ;)

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SheilaA1 (author)2015-03-24

awesome way to create something useful out of second cloth.

love it, ill be sure to try it out.

jessyratfink (author)2015-03-04

So good!! The way you used the ribbing is super clever. :)

tomatoskins (author)2015-03-04

This is a great idea! I can see making some very interesting patterned bags with this!

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