Step 8: Remove the Water Pump

Now we remove the water pump.  It's bolted onto the engine by 3 hex bolts.  Work the pump out and there will be a sleeve left behind.  It has two o-rings that seal the pump/engine interface.  They will need to be replaced.  Be careful pulling the sleeve out.  It's soft aluminum and can break.
Thanks so much for this! saved me alot of money. Hey just a tip for anyone using these instructions for the 9-3 instead of the 900 , be sure to disconnect the turbo coolant line located under the water pump. Its secured by a 12 mm banjo bolt. Be careful not to loose the washer. I yanked on my water pump for a long while before I realized there was something I missed
My pleasure. I'm glad someone could use them. Unfortunately, 2 weeks after I made this, my precious was totaled.
These instructions are gold. Used them to change my pump yesterday, it took me about 6 hours partly because I had to make a couple of trips to the hardware store to get the proper tools.
it looks like it would also work for the first gen 9-3 1999-2002 as well
hey, wish i had seen this 2 days ago, just had my water pump replaced, seeing this could have done it myself.<br /> i was charged &pound;310 ( about 473 dollars) for the water pump. idler gears, belt including taxes, parts and labour, so i think i got a good deal
You got a steal.&nbsp; I was quoted $508 + tax for the only the pulley and belt by a mechanic that is fairly trustworthy.&nbsp; It's definitely worth it to do it yourself just as a learnign experience.<br />
It was my pleasure.&nbsp; Anything else that needs to be done will most likely be documented.<br />
Excellent!&nbsp; Nice to know it's so do-able by a non-professional mechanic.&nbsp; Am book marking this in case I have change out the one in my Saab.&nbsp; Much appreciated.<br />
We could do with more of these, thanks for sharing.<br /> <br /> L<br />

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